New Year's Resolution ❤

This year's resolution is pretty simple! The most important thing is to study hard and ensure that my final year project goes smoothly this year.

Be a nerd whole semester and achieve good grades in my final year final semester of my degree life. 

Of course not forgetting that i wish that i am able to graduate by this year. 

Right after my graduation, it's time for me to earn a lot of money and start to save lots of money for my future.

And manage to be a successful professional engineer and open a big engineering company.

Completed my studies and it's time to look for the other half. I don't wish the same things happen to me again like last year. All i want is just a simply guy who loves and cares for me. 

Of course i don't mind having a handsome guy like Kim Hyun Joong as my boyfie too. LOL!

I also wish to earn a lot of money and buy my parents or myself a Ferrari 

or BMW. 

Lastly, own a big bungalow and ensure my parents live happily for the rest of their life without worrying bout us anymore. 

 It's a simple new year's resolution and let's see whether i can do it or not. Hmm. 

P.s: Happy New Year everyone! First post of the year 2012!
P.p.s: Going back to hometown tomorrow and semester break is gotta end soon. Sigh T.T

signing off,