Say Goodbye to Fringe! ❤

Yes! That's my current hairstyle. No more bangs and my sis said i looked older than my current age. So sad. Currently thinking of what to do with my hairstyle. Should i cut my hair to shoulder length and with fringe?

or with bangs and hair being curled?

Still in dilemma. For your information, my hair grew till almost my waist already. Thinking of what to do with my old hair. Should i dye my hair, cut and straighten it? Waiting for my RM600 voucher i had won from a contest to do a full hair makeover. Can't wait to spend it. *wide grin on my face*

P/s: Classes are resuming tomorrow. Last weekend to enjoy in these 3 and a half months of semester break. And sis just boarded train back to hommie. I'm feeling all alone again! =/

signing off, janiceyeap™

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