Priorities in Life ❤

Hey readers, sorry for not blogging for the past one week. Well, I don't have a proper Internet connection at home besides my iPhone and Spiffy (iPad). I find it hard to blog via phone or ipad cause I can't edit my photos there. Anyway I will make a short post.

My semester break is ending next week which means my final semester of the degree life is resuming pretty soon. Argh! I gotta be crazy like last time. I don't have the time to blog, attend events and outings anymore. This means that I need to put extra efforts on my final semester of degree life especially my final year project. I don't want to ruin my own life which will determine what i will be working as in future.

Right now I am enjoying my last few days of semester break in hometown and working out some plans for my new semester. For meantime, I'll put everything that isn't important aside and focus more on my studies.

Readers, I'll promise to blog more often and bring my bloggie back alive like last time. However, I wish to work with my Nikon gang again after I graduate. I miss them so much!

Till then I wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year in advance and may god bless each and everyone of us in the year of Dragon. I wish all of you have lots of luck, good health and wealth throughout the whole year. May God bless us always.

Hope to graduate in this year of Dragon! (biggest wish of the year) ❤❤ xoxo

Trying the smurf app! LOL!