How awesome is this #DGTVParody?

Everyone is talking about PSY's latest song which is Oppa Gangnam Style and almost everyone in worldwide is making the parody videos of it. Of course Malaysian Youtube stars did a parody video of KL Style and I personally love the lyrics they had composed! Good job Malaysian Youtube stars! You made us proud of you! *pops confetti* 

So these are the top 3 Parody Videos that I personally like and want to share with my readers here.

Oppa Gangnam Style Parody 

What Makes You Beautiful Parody 

Call Me Maybe Parody

Another creation from Malaysian Youtube stars:
Moves Like Jagger Parody

Few reasons why I would like to be in the DiGi Parody video with Twitterjaya TV:

1. Wanna gain some experiences in video-making with famous Youtube stars in Malaysia. I always admire these Youtube stars on how they produce good quality videos and be shared by everyone in Malaysia as well as worldwide! 

2. I can learn on how to be a Youtube star one day if I have the opportunity to work with them. 

3. Making a parody video is not easy. I want to take this opportunity to see how things are done in making the parody video a successful one and what are the steps taken in making the parody video

4. Of course, I want to make an appearance in the video as well. *wide grin* 

Now let me show you the best impression of a KL Gangster.

Presenting to you, a girl in formal outfit with sweet and yet at the same time portraying the gangster look. :P

Haha. I know it's a bit lame. Wanted to try something different which is why I am uploading these photos of myself in formal wear instead of something gangster-ish. =P Hope you enjoy reading this post! Thank you everyone! xx

lotsa love,

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