Why Maybank Should Give Me Tickets to Legoland? ❤

I played Lego with my siblings since we were young. Our parents bought my brother his very first Lego set and it had been passed down to my sister and I after that. We had been playing it till now. Even though the Lego set seemed old and dirty, it is still in a good condition. Whenever I played Lego, I felt like a kid again. How I wish I could turn back the time. =(

Helicopter made from Lego bricks.

And aeroplane from Lego bricks. Yayy~

The other view of the airport which was built using Lego bricks. 

It took us almost an hour to complete the whole Lego set. 

I could still remember when I was given a Lego set to play, no words can describe my feelings. Imagine I did not have any soft toys to play with when I was a little girl. Every little girl's dream is to have at least one Barbie toy to play and I have NONE OF IT. So, Lego is the only thing I can play with.

However I truly appreciate the Lego set which was passed down by brother to me. Thank you daddy and mummy for buying and making me fall in love with Lego till now! ❤

Hard work had been paid off well! 

If I were given a chance, I would LOVE to go to Legoland which is situated in Nusajaya, Johor. Since I do not travel a lot like others do, I would definitely love to visit the Legoland which only takes a few hours from my house to visit this beautiful place. I do not have to spend a few thousand dollars on flights and accommodation in visiting Legoland in Denmark, UK and US. Definitely, this will save a lot of my time and money. 

Well, Legoland Malaysia opens its 76 acres of adventure on 15th September 2012 and it is the sixth park to open after Legoland Florida in 2011. The park is packed full of family fun with more than 40 rides, shows and attraction. Almost everything is hands-on, so you can push, pedal and program or steer, squirt and splash, your way through a truly interactive experience - and of course there's building too. 

The centrepiece is MINILAND, where Asian landmarks have been recreated using more than 30 million LEGO bricks. I am eager to see the Petronas Twin Towers, the Merlion Statue and the Taj Mahal which are built from the Lego bricks. Of course I can also witness the models to life at the touch of a button! This is sooooo damn cool! *drool*

Tiny building built from Lego bricks. =)

For more information, check it out at their website if you plan to go on a trip to Legoland Malaysia. I am planning to go there too one day! Can't wait for it! *excited*

See you there, readers! ❤

Right now, Maybank has this Legoland Bloggers Contest and bloggers have to blog about "Why they would like Maybank to give them tickets to Legoland" and they will stand a chance to win tickets to visit Legoland!

Hurry up!! The contest ends on 30th September 2012 (Sunday). 

So let us fly to Legoland Malaysia with Maybank! 

P/s: All the photos above were taken using DSLR. Thank you sis, Jamie Yeap for the help! ❤

lotsa love,

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