Legoland Malaysia ❤

It was a short year end getaway for me. Thank you Maybank for giving me a pair of free tickets to Legoland Malaysia. Had this short vacation during my Xmas break and did not have the free time to update it because I was working in Penang the following week without proper internet connection at home and a week after I was assigned to go to China for business trip for 11 days and I just came back two weeks ago.

Posing with the Legoland Malaysia entrance :)
In addition, the size of the photos was too big that I need to resize each of them before uploading them in Picasa to save some memory space in the blogger account. Therefore, it took me almost a week plus to get it done before I can finally pen this post down to share with my readers. 

Posing with my free Legoland tickets! *wide grin*

Anyway, to those who wish to know more about how I win these free tickets, check it out right here: Thank You Legoland Malaysia and Maybank! and the blog post of the contest: Why Maybank Should Give Me Tickets to Legoland?

It was a long weekend break for me and I took this opportunity to go at that period of time. At the same time, the tickets would expire at the end of the year 2012. I did not want to waste my effort blogging about the contest and finally I won the tickets from it but I did not go at all. I just did not want to feel regret about it since it was free. After all, I won't be going there so often because it is quite far from the place I am staying. 

Camho-ing in the car. :P

The queue at the ticket counter was terrible on that day. Phew! Thank god I had the tickets beforehand or else I need two to three hours to buy the tickets and enter the place. In addition, Legoland Malaysia limits number of persons entering the park each day and the crowd on that day was terrible! Imagine if I were to queue up for three hours to get the tickets and I did not get to enter the park on that day? I would have yelled here and there like a crazy woman because I came all the way from KL! Anyway thank you Maybank once again. :)

Below are the photos I had taken in Legoland Malaysia! :)

Thank you Maybank once again! :D
In my 3D glasses.
With the tall giraffe!
The stupidest game ever!

Legoland Academy for the kids!
I did not get to play water park because I did not bring extra clothes with me. =(
Posing with Petronas Twin Towers!
Petronas Twin Towers and KL tower are made from Lego bricks!

Forbidden City, China
Singapore Flyer
Xmas tree in Lego bricks.

lotsa love,

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