#1 Movie Review: Premiere Screening of The Impossible ❤

Holla people! I am back in the blogging world. Was away in China for 11 days for work. To those who don't know, China banned Facebook, Twitter and Blogspot which means that i couldn't blog, tweet nor facebook-ing for 11 days!!! Thank god I had Instagram with me or else I would be bored to death in China. 

Back to the  topic. I am finally back in Malaysia to watch my first premiere screening of the year 2013 which is The Impossible! Got two invitations in hand and couldn't choose between The Last Stand and The Impossible. And finally I had come to a decision to watch The Impossible! Thank you Nuffnang!

The Impossible starring Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor ❤

Maria Bennett (Naomi Watts) and her husband Henry (Ewan McGregor) and their three sons Lucas (Tom Holland), Thomas and Simon have their Christmas holiday in a tropical paradise resort in Thailand. However, the devastating 2004 tsunami destroys the coastal zone.
Maria and Lucas are separated from the others. Maria has badly hurt a leg. At Maria's initiative they rescue a small boy, Daniel. The three climb in a tree to protect themselves against a possible new wave. They are found and taken to a hospital. From time to time Maria asks Lucas the color or her leg: red is good, black would be bad. She encourages Lucas to see if he can provide any help to others. It turns out that he can help people find relatives, and actually reunites a father and a son. When he returns to Maria's bed she is not there, and due to a mix-up by the hospital staff he is implicitly told she died; a phone call can be made, but Lucas does not remember the number of his grandpa. Actually, Maria had an operation and later she reunites with Lucas.

Elsewhere Henry, Thomas and Simon are together and safe. Henry sends Thomas and Simon to a safe place, asking the young boy Thomas to look after his little brother, while he keeps searching for Maria and Lucas. When he arrives at the place where Thomas and Simon are supposed to be, they have been sent on to an unknown place. Communication facilities are scarce, but another man, Karl, allows him to make a phone call to his family in his home country. He keeps it very short, but is allowed to make another call. Maria and Lucas have not contacted the family, so it is still uncertain whether they survived.

Henry and Karl go searching every shelter and hospital and arrive at the hospital; Karl, who has a bad leg, does not want to slow down Henry and writes down the names of his wife and child for Henry, so he can look for their names. Lucas sees him from a distance but loses him again. Thomas and Simon, who are transported in a truck, happen to be there too. Simon jumps off the truck to pee on a nearby tree. As Lucas calls his father, Simon and Thomas hear him, run toward him and the four reunite, and Lucas tells that Maria is also alive.

They all soon meet up with Maria. She takes surgery and the next day due to their travel insurance they can travel on an ambulance jet to Singapore. Lucas shares with Maria his joy that he has seen that Daniel has been reunited with his father. As they take off, the vast destruction is shown, and a voice-over observes that this is one of the many families scarred for life by the disaster.

My opinion: I love this movie. It was really touching. I was crying when the family of five found each other at last. You guys should watch this! I'll rate the movie 4/5. Remember to catch this movie on theatres starting on 17th January 2013!

P/s: My first blog post of year 2013! ❤

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