OL (Office Lady) Look ❤

This will be my first post about my OL look. Anyway, 11 days of work in China made me gained a few kgs and I am super fat now. =( How can I lose weight in this short period of time since CNY is approaching? Help!! I want my old weight back! 

Anyway, photo below was taken before I went to China for business trip and I want oval face desperately! =( Now that my face is rounder than before. *emo* 

Shot #1 

Shot #2

Shot #3 - OL look with frames on

Which one do you prefer? *wide grin*

P/s: Random post of myself to keep my blog alive. Sorry if my readers find it boring. I had to work today and will be working on this coming Monday as well. *sigh* 

signing off,

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