Chili's Grill and Bar Restaurant ❤

Had lunch with my colleague, Marie one afternoon since both of us did not have any appointments. So thinking of what to eat for dinner at Empire Shopping Gallery (that's where I am currently working at), we came across this banner. 

Without having the second thought, we walked over to the restaurant and ordered our food. The portion for the lunch combo was smaller than the normal one and yet both of us could not finish our meals. Lol! Greedy as usual.

We ordered the cheapest combo which is Big Mouth Bites and Chicken Crispers.

Marie's Big Mouth Bites - RM18.95

 My Chicken Crispers - RM18.95
Both of us ordered soup and salad to share.We thought we could finish all of the food since both of us were super hungry. In the end, we couldn't finish all of them.

Our soup with two Jacob crackers 


Overall, the food wasn't that bad just that the portion is big as usual. In fact, I suggest that all of you should share next time even though you are super hungry. LOL! My colleague and I learnt a leasson that day. Haha.

lotsa love,

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