Tickling My Tastebuds ❤

I had a wonderful experience in Sabah the other day. Even though it was a day trip, I did enjoy the local food which was recommended by my client, a local Sabahan. Thank you for driving us all the way to enjoy such scrumptious delicacy. 

This is one of the local food I have ever tasted when I was in Sabah for a one-day business trip. Mee Sup Pipin is one of the famous local food that brings satisfaction to me especially when you put the noodles right in your mouth while it was hot. The chewy yet soft noodles at the same time were mouth-watering. Oh man! No words can describe my feelings at that moment. The handmade noodles are served best with their local meat and egg strips together in a clear-coloured soup. The fried garlic that were sprinkled on top of the noodles were so crunchy and I could not stop eating them even after gulping down a bowl. Such a succulent delicacy is worth indulging in Sabah as recommended by the local Sabahan!  I will definitely go back for it one day! ❤

lotsa love,

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