Stickman Santa’s Christmas Tour 2012 ❤

I promised to blog this months ago and finally I have the time to upload the photos and put in this blog post. Basically I was very busy with my work especially this week. Practically, I am not the one who is driving but been following my boss to Lumut and Terengganu for alternate days in this week. Every trip was a one-day trip some more.. So freaking tiring!

Anyway, have you ever wonder how's Nuffnang's office looks like? Especially during Christmas period? Well, during last year's December before Christmas, I received a call from Nuffnang asking me to go to their office's Christmas Tour. I was so happy even though this was not my first time to the office. :P Thank you Nuffnang!

Each of the Nuffies is so friendly. They introduced themselves to me before they started bringing me around their office. And at the same time, I went there to collect my consolation prize from the "Veet It Off" contest. 

Here's a photo of me taken with the Nuffnang and Churp Churp signboard and my consolation prize. 

Charis, one of the Nuffies, showed me around and their office is so DAMN COOL! I guess everyone would want to visit their Xmas decorations in the office! Check out the photos I had taken during the Xmas tour.

My first stop was at Nuffnang Community Relation office which is at the same floor as Churp Churp's.

Some messages from the bloggers to the Nuffies! 

Nuffnang Community Relation Department won second placing for the Xmas decoration! Congrats!

Churp Churp Office 

Churp Churp won first placing in the Xmas decoration contest! Congrats and nice fire place! 

Churp Churp's InstaWall! 

Nexy Charis brought us to the meeting rooms which the rooms are named after places in London! 

Both Boss Ming and Boss Timothy are the founder of Nuffnang! 

Wishing Wall for the Nuffies and Churpies! 

Some beautiful decorations at their office.

 A Christmas card for the Nuffies!

Oh well, who doesn't want to work in such cozy environment? Well I guess if I have the opportunity to work in Nuffnang office, it would be great! :P Anyway, thank you Nuffies for your cookies and milk during the Xmas tour and I am glad to know all of you! See you guys tomorrow!

P/s: To those who are attending the Nuffnang 6th Birthday Bash, see you guys tomorrow as I will be there as well! It will be my first time attending the Nuffnang's Birthday Bash and I'm excited for it! Anyway, Happy Birthday to Nuffnang once again!  xoxo

lotsa love,

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