[Event] CNY ChurpOut 2013 ❤

This will be my first ChurpOut and not forgetting the first CNY ChurpOut too. First of all, I would like to thank Churp Churp for the invitation to the Vault which is located at Glomac Damansara. ❤

During the registration counter, we were given different coloured ribbons by the Churpies. We were also told to write calligraphy before we went into the place for next agenda. 

Can you spot my name on the board? Hee. 

Credits to Churp Churp. Thank you so much for the awesome photos!

Left to right: Yours truly and my bestie from Taiping since form 6, Shi Hui. 

Props that were given to us to take photo at the booth.

That's Shi Hui and I with the props. Hee. P.s: Thank you Ashley from Churp Churp for the photo. ❤

There was this huge yee sang outside with the name of the bistro, Vault. Huge one!  

A large yee sang that could fit 50 people. ❤

A polaroid photo given by Churp Churp as memories! Thank you! ❤

Each of us was given a Churp Churp sticker to write our name. Hee.

Hello! I'm Janice ❤

After that, we have lots of games to be played before our dinner time. Here are some of the photos taken during the event. Nice environment and it's totally a best place for us to come and chill. 

Posing with the polaroid photo. 

My friend, Shi Hui. =) 

The wine that they provided on that day was real good! *thumbs up* We did enjoy the food that they provided. *om nom nom* 

Some of the yee sang session photos after the ice-breaking game. P/s: All the photos during yee sang session were taken by the Churp Churp team. Credits to them for the photos! P.s: Phone camera was too lousy to be taken under dimmed lights.

Can you spot me? I am the one with purple blazer. =)

Right after the yee sang session, we had another game which was the Limbo Rock. Only ten people were allowed to play and I did not volunteer myself because I was shy. Oops. I think all of you must be thinking that Janice Yeap whom they know is not shy especially during university life. Haha. 

But in the end, I regretted for not joining the games because they were given 5 Churpie plush toy to those who managed to get through the Top 5 in the Limbo Rock game. So sad.  =( Anyway I had fun chit-chatting and meeting up with new friends. Below is the photo taken with my new friends. 

The event ended at 10 pm and I had so much fun in the event though it was my first time attending such events organised by Churp Churp. Before I left, I took a photo with Charis who is now working in Churp Churp department who used to intern in Nuffnang before she graduated. The last time I saw her was during the Christmas Tour at Nuffnang's office. Nice knowing her though! 

Charis and I ❤

All the Churpies are friendly I tell you! No regret joining events organised by Churp Churp team! Before I left, I camho-ed with my bestie before we went separate ways! Thank you babe for accompanying me! I had a blast during the event and of course it was nice having you around all these while. Thank you for everything! ❤

Shi Hui and I ❤

Last but not least a few shots of myself posing my new Ed Hardy watch and my favourite blazer at this moment. 

Yours truly being vain. :P 

P.s: This is an outdated post. Sorry about it. =/ Could not update my blog so often as my house has a terrible internet connection. Sucks even though it's a UNIFI! Grrrr... Sorry for not being a hardworking blogger. I'll try to blog as much as I can on this weekend ok? 

P.s.s: Thank you Churp Churp for the invitation and the photos once again! ❤

lotsa love,

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