5-Minute Hair Makeover Challenge by Hair Depot ❤

Two weeks ago, ten bloggers including me were invited to attend this 5-minute Hair Makeover Challenge organized by Hair Depot at e@Curve. Thank you The Butterfly Project for the invitation! I was wondering how is it possible for me to complete my hair makeover in just 5 minutes?

On that day itself, we were introduced to this new Auto Spin Curler which we would be using this amazing curler to complete our 5-minute challenge. Since there were 10 of us, we were divided into 5 teams. 2 persons would be competing with each other other in this 5-minute hair makeover challenge. 

Everyone must be wondering that this Auto Spin Curler would be the curler where the hair would be sucked into the curl chamber and it will be curled on its own. Apparently you are wrong. This Auto Spin Curler has an auto 360-rotating clamp that will curl your hair automatically. Probably you can imagine how this hair curler will work. Let me show you a tutorial of this Auto Spin Curler. 

After watching the video, I am pretty sure that you girls out there must be impressed with this Auto Spin Curler. (: 

I was impressed too and in fact I was way more than excited because I got to try this curler on my own in this 5-minute hair makeover challenge. Both Sarah and I were placed in the 1st group. Before we started our challenge, we were taught on how to use the curler.

Since Sarah and I would be the first two to go for the challenge, we also learnt on how to curl the hair on the model's hair except that the curler iron was not heated.

Yes. This is me curling the hair on the model. (:

Both of us started the challenge first. We were given 5 minutes to start off the challenge. During the challenge, the lady was so kind to help me to grab of my hair that were not curled while I was busy curling that particular part of hair. I got to aware of the L and R button which will determine how your curling iron will rotate.

Sarah and I.

Learning to curl my hair using the Auto Spin Curler. (:

Since it was my first time trying out this Auto Spin Curler, I was so nervous that my hand was shaking when I was holding the curler. It may seemed easy to curl when it was my turn to curl, I had no idea but the strands of hair I grabbed did not seem to curl pretty well. Probably I did not wait for few seconds before letting my hair off. 

After my 3rd minute of curling the hair, I realised that I did not have much time to curl my the other side of the hair.. So I went and curl my right hand side instead since time was running out. When I was about to get excited about curling the hair, the time was up.I was a bit sad because I was already at midst of mastering the skills of curling the hair using the curler. =( 

Tough yet fun challenge. (:

It turned out that I only managed to curl part of my hair only. You can see the after photo of the curls. The curls were quite natural and I am loving it. To be frank with you guys, I don't really curl my hair even though I have 3 curling irons with me at home. This is because each time I curl my hair, my hair tend to get straight very fast even though I sprayed my hair using hair spray. Secondly the reason is that, it will take ages to curl the whole head of mine because my hair was way too thick. Normally I need about 1 or 2 hours to curl my hair if I choose to attend events with wavy hair. So I decided to go to events with my straight hair to events most of the time. =/

Front and back view of the curled hair. (:

Ker Chi and Grace went as the second team to compete for the challenge and followed by Caroline and Choulyin. After that, Kah Mon and Yuh Jiun tried on their hair and the last team was Furfer and Ridley. 

 Ker Chi and Grace.

Choulyin and Caroline in a team.

Caroline managed to finish curling up her hair within 5 minutes. Super fast! 

There was a fair going on during the event too where they are selling the Auto Spin Curler and the rest of the hair tools. They were giving a promotion voucher for the Auto Spin Curler at RM150 with the original price of RM380. You got to buy the curler at only RM230. (:

360 Auto Spin Curler (:

Both Yuh Jiun and Kah Mon managed to complete the 5-minute hair challenge and the curls turned out to be very pretty and natural on them.

A photo of Yuh Jiun with her curls. (:

#wefie with Caroline and Yuh Jiun (:

It was Furfer and Ridley's turn after that. If you think that you can't curl your short hair with Auto Spin Curler, you are totally wrong. Ridley has short hair and she managed to complete her challenge within 5 minutes too.

From L-R: Furfer, Kah Mon, Yuh Jiun and Ridley. They were using my camera to take #wefie. Haha.

Here's the two videos to show you guys on how you can curl your short hair with Auto Spin Curler. (:

After everyone had completed the challenge, we were allowed to touch our hair for those whose hair are not fully curled. I went and touched up the curls and did the whole head as well. Thank you Caroline for helping me. (:

Caroline, the hair curler expert. :P

It took quite long for Caroline to finish up the whole head. Zzz.

The result was pretty impressive. I seriously in love with the natural curls that the Auto Spin Curler gave.

Before and after. 

Before I forgot, winners who managed to complete the 5-minute hair makeover challenge will walk away with the Auto Spin Curler sponsored by The Hair Depot! *jaw drop* Three winners would walk away with the awesome hair curler!!! So while waiting for results, here's what bloggers always do - taking selfie and wefie. :P

Kah Mon's half face, Sarah, Yuh Jiun and I. (:

#wefie session. Sarah, Janice, Kah Mon, Yuh Jiun and Ridley. (:

The Hair Depot announced the winners. To our surprise, there were 5 winners from this hair makeover challenge. 1 winner would be picked from each team who managed to complete the hair makeover challenge or those who can give the best curls by using the hair curler. I did not win the challenge in my team. Sarah won the challenge. Congrats Sarah! :D

Here's the winners who won the hair makeover challenge. (Caroline was not in the pic). Pic credits to Furfer.

Yuh Jiun and Kah Mon's team were lucky because both of them won the hair curler each since both of them completed the challenge within 5 minutes. Both of them were so lucky! Congrats to all the winners by the way. (:  All of us were given a Greenology organic hair care goodie bag worth RM186 from The Hair Depot. Yay! Thank you!

Photo credits to Tammy! Our group photo (:

This is The Butterfly Project's 1st series of blogging activity carrying out with the Hair Depot. Thank you The Butterfly Project and Hair Depot for making it happen! :D

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