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Holla readers! How are you guys? I know some of you might take a long weekend break last week. I did not take leave on Friday because I had so many things to do on Friday. However, last weekend was not a really good weekend especially on Saturday. I could not start my car when I was about to go out for lunch with my sis and I found out that the battery was dead. Could not find a mechanic to fix it because most of them did not work on Saturday and Sunday. So I had no choice but to leave my car untouched for two days till Monday.

Thank goodness that I had Li Chuen who was willing to pick me up from my home and went for Mary Quant workshop on Sunday. Appreciate what you had done for me girl! (: I would also like to thank Manoah and Mandom for the opportunity to attend Mary Quant workshop which was held at Damansara Uptown 5.

We reached there pretty early and I had my quick lunch at McD before the workshop. While waiting for the rest of the bloggers, we spent our time taking photos of Mary Quant products which were displayed on the table.

Pretty mirror with flower design which is Mary Quant's brand signature - Black Daisy. 

Thank you Miss Takaki for flying all the way from Japan to teach us on how to apply makeup using Mary Quant products. Mary Quant was established since 1966 with the brand concept "Freedom and Individual - Be Free, Be Yourself".

To "be free, be yourself" means to value your own way of life. We will continue to provide products and services that resonate with our smart customers who value their own way of life, regardless of age, helping to give them the freedom to be themselves.
Down the ages, we want our brand to be supported by women who aren’t constrained by convention, but who are driven by curiosity. For this reason we value quality, design and a sense of fun in everything we do, from products through to services. 
-Mary Quant-

I love makeups to the extent I actually went to the YouTube channel to look for the tutorials on how to apply makeups. I am lucky and excited enough to  find out that I can lay my hands on these pretty Mary Quant products. As I know Mary Quant has vibrant colors to suit your OOTD. :P Miss Takaki basically started off with cleansing and toning for the skin for the model, Felicia before proceeding to the makeup application.

After that, she proceeded with the makeup base. There are two types of makeup base that were used in this workshop. One which is Oil Zap and another one is Moisture Zap

 Simple-looking packaging.

Oil Zap is an oil control makeup base. This makeup base provides a dry, matte finish, as if you have applied powder. It prevents makeup from coming off by controlling shine due to excess sebum. Also it renders skin with a fine texture by covering up the pores. Oil Zap is normally applied on oily areas such as the T-zone after cleanser and toner.
Moisture Zap on the left and Oil Zap on the right.

Moisture Zap is a moisture infusion makeup base which helps to provide moisture to the skin and at the same time also help makeup to stay longer. It also makes the skin looks naturally smooth and pores or fine wrinkles are concealed too. Mositure Zap is normally applied on cheeks areas or those areas which are not oily on the face.

 Here's a photo of my face after the application of Oil Zap and Moisture Zap.

Do not worry that the Oil Zap or Moisture Zap do not help to conceal the dark eye circle on the eye area as Mary Quant has another moisturizing eye foundation just for the eyes area. Eye Gloss comes in 2 shades which is Light Beige and Natural. This foundation is for the delicate and dry-prone eye area which helps to cover the dark circles and dullness and makes eye colours come out brightly.

 Eye Gloss - RM79

Smoo Make is a powder foundation which comes in 8 shades which are Y-01 Ivory, Y-10 Fresh, R-20 Soft Pink, Y-30 Beige, 0-40 Natural, Y-50 Country Clay, 0-60 Tan and 0-80 Bronze. The highly moisturizing powder foundation controls the light and creates the ideal skin colour, texture and 3-D appearance. The foundation gently covers visible pores and dull skin colour, creating radiant, firm, smooth skin.

I am bad at choosing the right shade for my face. So Miss Takaki taught me on how to determine the suitable shade for my skin tone. She suggested Y-30 Beige if I want more natural look and Y-10 Fresh for fair look. Apply adequte amount to face with a puff and smooth it evenly.

Smoo Make - RM108

After the Smoo Make powder foundation, the next step will be the Loose Face Powder application. Loose Face Powder from Mary Quant comes in 4 shades which are 01 Sheer Satin, 02 Light Lucent, 03 Natural and 04 Sheer Gold. Loose Face Powder is applied to create some matte look on the skin making the skin looks softer, even toned and brighter. At the same time, this face powder makes pores and fine lines less noticeable after applying it. It also prevents makeup from dulling or running, providing a long lasting beautiful finish.

I picked the shade 02 Light Lucent because I want to create more matte finishing look rather than shimmery look if you apply 01 Sheer Satin and 04 Sheer Gold on your face. As my face tends to get oily very fast, I prefer not to apply 01 Sheer Satin and 04 Sheer Gold to avoid oily, shiny and at the same time shimmery look on my face. Apply the loose powder on your face over foundation or primer and blend it evenly by pressing the puff against the skin.

Loose Face Powder - RM109

Mary Quant Brow Line is waterproof, resists perspiration and maintains a beautiful finish on the eyebrow. With their special colouring formula, it ensures the eyebrow pencil adheres to the skin smoothly and gently with a suitable firmness, enabling us to easily draw the delicate eyebrow hairs one by one. It also prevents dullness and crumbling due to sebum and other factors too. Mary Quant Brow Line comes in 3 shades which are 01 Charcoal Grey, 02 Chestnut Brow and 03 Camel Brown. Applying eyebrow is never easy because I can never get the right shape and balanced size of the both brows. But with Miss Takaki's help, I learnt on how to apply step by step. (:

Mary Quant Brow Line - RM59

Miss Takaki also demonstrated on how to apply 4 colours of eyeshadow on the model's eyes. All these while I am only good at applying one colour of eyeshadow on my eyes despite watching many tutorials on this. Definitely this is a good experience for me to learn from the workshop.

There are more than 50 shades of shadows to suit your mood and outfit. Not only that, you get to pick and choose whatever eyeshadow you like and put in the palette as it is sold separately. (:

 Mary Quant Eye Opener - RM49

Miss Takaki also helped Li Chuen with the application of the eyeshadows too. The texture is quite velvety and smooth. (:

Here's the before and after photo of eyeshadow application.

Julie helped Calista to apply the eyeshadow too. :P

Miss Takaki then continued applying eyeliner on the model's eyes. Out Line Colour Pencil comes in 20 vibrant colours and shades containing sparkle which adds spice to the glittery look. This liner is waterproof and impervious to tears and perspiration which lasts for a long time.

 Miss Takaki applied eyeliner on the model's eyes.

With its superb drawing ease, this eye pencil enables greater freedom to play with both eye and lip make-up. By aiming for double usage, a special texture has been formulated that allows you to draw softly around the eyes and create firm lines around the lips.

Out Line Pencil - RM59. I applied the 18 Antique Rose on my eyelid. (:
Mary Quant Action Lashings is a lengthening mascara which has 7 shades from 01 Ebony Black, 02 Barbwire Grey, 03 Ivy Green, 04 Laurel Green, 05 Brighton Blue, 06 Bohemian Purple and 07 Lac Rose.  Mary Quant Action Lashings has two-sided coil and chip brush which features short, raised bristles on one side for easier application. The Oil Gel formula gives the mascara its elasticity and together create the sharp, spectacularly long lashes. It also prevent smudging on the lower eyelid as it has anti colour-fading effects and waterproofing effects.

   Mary Quant Action Lashings - RM108

I applied the 03 Ivy Green on my upper lashes and 07 Lac Rose on my lower lashes to create a funky look. It's easier to apply on the lashes as the two-sided coil and chip brush made each strands of the lashes were evenly applied and create longer lashes immediately. The colour on my lashes was quite obvious from far because they commented my lashes when I was standing quite a distance from them. On the other hand, this mascara is suitable for party-goers like me as I can apply the lashes at any colours according to the outfit I wear to the parties or events on that day. (:

Before and After.

We then moved on to the powder cheek blush application. Mary Quant's Blush Baby has 18 shades for just blush application. Makeup artists can use this powder cheek blush to apply on the models and artistes according to the theme of the day. This is definitely a good choice of cheek blush product to have! (: I personally have dull-looking skin and definitely a slight pinkish colour is required for my cheeks to create the luminous and bright-looking skin. I can't go out without blusher to be honest. Even if I don't apply eyeshadow on my eyes, I definitely need a blusher to go out on that day because I do not want to look like sick people.

 Mary Quant Blush Baby - RM75

As for Mary Quant products, the powder cheek blush gives you an attractive finish with various textures such as shimmer and pearl. You can use the shimmer or pearl colour to do contouring. Sweep a cheek brush over Blush Baby and brush it against the back of your hand or a tissue to remove excess powder. Then apply by stroking the cheeks lightly with the brush. (:

One of my favourite items from Mary Quant would be the Moisture Rich Lipstick. It has 36 shades to choose from and each colours has smooth finish making your lips pouty and sexy.

Moisture Rich Lipstick - RM108. 

I almost got tricked by the design of the Moisture Rich Lipstick as I thought it was the nail polish. Lol! Anyway the simple yet classy design of this lipstick making it easy to be gripped with hands. The texture of the lipstick on the other hand is smooth and easy to glide on the lips.

This is another pretty lip gloss from Mary Quant, Colourshine for Lips. With 8 shades of colours to be chosen from 01 Champagne Shine, 02 Apricot Shine, 03 Milky Shine, 04 Cherry Shine, 05 Sunflower Shine, 06 Rosy Shine, 07 Nougat Shine and 08 Burgundy Shine, its smooth texture adheres securely to the lips. It can prevent stringiness and stickiness whether the mouth is opened or closed and delivers a long-lasting, beautiful finish.

 Mary Quant Colourshine for Lips - RM99

Here's the final look of the model. You can see that the colour of the eyeshadow actually stands out giving more glowing and healthy looking skin. The colour of the eyeshadow blended well perfectly. Just love this! (:

Before we left, this is what beauty bloggers always do - taking wefies and selfies. :P

With Kak Lily, Kelly, Jennifer and yours truly. (:

#selfie time with the girls. (: 

Last but not least, a group photo of the bloggers. Thank you Manoah and Mandom once again for organizing this Mary Quant beauty workshop. I had a fruitful Sunday with all the bloggers. (:

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