Prodigy KL Presents LuxeVille with MARC, DJ EDZ & M.I.O ❤

I found a perfect place to chill on Saturday night! Last Saturday, I went to Prodigy KL club to hang out with a bunch of awesome bloggers. Prodigy KL which is located at Jalan Kia Peng, is a perfect place for all the party goers to hang out. (:

 L-R: Xiong, Kelvin, Elvina, Daphne, Suresh and I. Photo credits to Suresh. (:

Remember about my last Prodigy post weeks ago? Prodigy KL had  their official launch on 18th April and I was invited to attend their official launch too! You can read the post here. Every Saturday, Prodigy KL presents LuxeVille featuring Marc, Edz and M.I.O and finally I had the chance to listen to the beats with ze bloggers. 

It's a lavish, stylish and one heck of a party where we get to hear the sounds of MARC!, DJ EDZ and M.I.O playing anything and everything of our favourite tunes from R&B to EDM and more! It was surely a fun night as I had fun chitchatting and mingling with the bloggers. 

We were chilling at the 1st floor which is the VIP lounge while waiting for the rest to appear. Elvina arrive 15 minutes earlier than me and we chitchatted for awhile.

Daphne arrive shortly after that and Mr Fluff came to us and asked if we would like to chill downstairs since the ground floor is more happening and fun. We agreed and sat on the table with a better view of the crowd and DJs spinning on the deck. (:

Selfie moment with the bloggers in the club. This is one to not be missed. :P *heheh*

With babe Elvina. (P.s: Sorry that the pic was a bit blur. ):)

With babe Daphne, my new friend (:

Guys: RM48 (inclusive of one drink)
Girls: RM38 (inclusive of one drink) 

♦ Glenlivet 12 Yrs - RM788
♦ Glenlivet 15 Yrs - RM1528

♦ Mumm Champagne - RM788

♦ Chivas 12 Yrs - RM768
♦ Chivas 18 Yrs - RM1588

♦ Absolut Blue - RM728

♦ Martell VSOP - RM888
♦ Martell Cordon Bleu - RM2388

♦ Perrier Jouet Grand Brut - RM928
♦ Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque Vintage - RM3488

We even took a group photo with Mr Fluff. He is so friendly (: Nice meeting you here Mr Fluff! :D

We were served a bottle of Absolut Vodka that night and 6 of us could not finish the drink because I can't drink much of vodka. However, girls like me will always take the opportunity to #selfie with the bottle of beer, vodka, whiskey or etc as if that they drink the whole bottle of vodka themselves. LOL!

Photos were taken using my fave Samsung NX Mini. (:

I walked to the swing knowing that no one was there and took photos of myself sitting on the swing. It made me feel like a princess sitting on the swing while waiting for my prince. LOL! Previously I did not take photos of myself with the swing and luckily I am back here again to snap a few shots of myself posing with the swing. *wide grin*

Yours truly in her favourite galaxy skirt. :P

I left the club around 1.45 am knowing that I was already sleepy by then because I was wide awake since 6.30 am in the morning to accompany my sister that day. Nevertheless, I had fun chilling and listening to the music that were spinned by the DJs. (:

A #selfie of yours truly in the club before I left. :P

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Joey: +6012- 615 8577

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