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Attended a beauty workshop organized by Dr Shigemoto and Coeur Esthetique a few weeks ago. Located at The Intermark, KL, Dr Shigemoto and Coeur Esthetique is an upscale spa and aesthetics centre which is added into the mall. Since it's my first time here, I was fascinated with the outlets that are available in the building - classy.


Dr Shigemoto and Coeur Esthetique also portrays Japanese design which they hired Japanese designer to design the interior of the outlet. It looks comfortable and modish at the same time with a little of modern Japanese style.

A lounge area has low tables spread with Japanese magazines and information on treats for the customers. A few shelves of Japanese beauty products are housed in an open square with a beauty consultant ready to assist.


FYI, Dr Shigemoto and Coeur Esthetique are internationally-established brands and trademark products of renowned Japanese plastic surgeon, Dr Joe Shigemoto and his business partners, Ms Naomi Alice and Mr Masahiko Moto. A graduate of Tokushima Medical University, Dr Shigemoto founded "Joe Clinic" as a predecessor to "Dr Shigemoto and Coeur Esthetique" in November 2003, with a decade's experience under his belt, since graduation.
The pretty lady on the right is Miss Naomi Alice. 

Miss Naomi Alice is a Malaysian who is based in Japan for quite a long time. She can speak fluent Japanese. She is so humble and friendly when it comes to explaining the aesthetic equipments to us. All the beauty consultants have previous experience in luxury spas and have been retrained and received trainings from a consultant that flies in from Japan. Dr. Joe Shigemoto himself, the inventor of the beauty machines used in the centre, will visit once a month, traveling from Japan for consultations.

Each treatment rooms, private lounge areas, consultation rooms and dressing facilities are decorated with unique artwork and comes in different concept / theme.



Beautiful chandeliers hanging on the rooms bring some glam to the room which makes me feel cosy and inviting.


Treatments provided by Dr Shigemoto and Coeur Esthetique are both on medicine and medi-spa. Relaxation and beauty are at the core of the mission with tools and therapies are carefully selected to achieve both. 

They do provide bath tubs for the customers to enjoy their bubble bath with nice music serenading the room and fused with aromatherapy for relaxation purposes.

We were then ushered to the room to witness live demonstration of IPL Photo Facial and Laser Micro Peeling.

Cleansing has to be done first before Laser Micro Peeling or IPL Photo Facial application starts.

Equipments for the IPL Photo Facial and Laser Micro Peeling.

IPL Photo Facial or Intense Pulsed Light treatment improves the appearance of skin by evening out sun damage such as age spots and freckles and, may even stimulate the production of collagen, serving to plump up the skin for a fresher look. 

A thick cooling gel is first applied to the face and then the machine is evenly shot in bursts across the surface of the skin. My therapist started on the lowest setting to test my pain tolerance and eventually increased to the maximum power. IPL is ideal for my skin type, fair with some signs of sun damage, but best results are seen after three to six treatments. 

As for the Laser Micro Peeling, it helps to reduce the pigmentation / blemishes on the skin after 2 to 3 weeks. You will see the drastic results on the skin which clearly evens out the skin tone. A sort of black ink was used to apply thinly on the face before laser application starts.

It was indeed a good experience for me as I had the opportunity to witness the live demonstration of Laser Micro Peeling and IPL Photo Facial. Thank you Miss Naomi Alice for the warm hospitality. I definitely look forward to visit your shop again. Perhaps the next time I pay a visit to your shop, I will have to choose either the Laser Micro Peeling or IPL Photo Facial to cure my current skin condition. (:

Please visit their website for more info: 

Dr Joe Shigemoto and Coeur Esthetique 
Jamo Japan Sdn Bhd 
Lot 1-12, Level 1, The Intermark 
348, Jalan Tun Razak, 
50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
+603-2181 8828

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