Jeffrey Cheng Fan Gathering at Low Yat Plaza ❤

Sorry for this super duper late post. Photos were scattered everywhere. Some of them were in my Samsung S4 or iPhone and NX Mini too. Anyway, I had so much fun that day since it's my first time attending such fan gathering.

Lucky enough that I am able to understand Mandarin and the emcee was kind enough to speak in both languages, English and Malay for a couple of Malay fans who were there too. Jeffrey Cheng was one of the earliest local celebrities I have known since young. It's been awhile since I last saw him acting in local dramas and finally he is back in acting again! Yay!

The fan gathering was fun. It started off with ice-breaking session and followed by karaoke session with Jeffrey and the fans. I personally can't sing Chinese songs unless those I am familiar with. :P So I watched them sang along with Jeffrey. (:

Later on, we had an autograph session with Jeffrey. He produced a photobook before and each of us got a book each from him. Aww~ I can finally have the photobook along with his autograph (:

After the autograph session, we had group photo session with him.

Can you guys spot me? :P

We had a surprise celebration for Jeffrey too. There was a jelly cake for Jeffrey. (:

The cake is so pretty! :D

Last but not least, before I left, I asked for a selfie with Jeffrey. Yay! Thank you for having me in the fan gathering. Wish to have more fan gathering with Jeffrey Cheng in future! I wish Jeffrey all the best in your career and hope to see you in the upcoming dramas and movies! :D *wide grin*

A photo with Jeffrey. (:

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