Manoah Bloggers Appreciation Night at iDarts Quad ❤

Last week, I was invited by Manoah to attend Bloggers’ Appreciation Night at iDarts Quad, Sunway Giza. Since it’s a weekday, I only managed to spend few hours here with the bloggers as my current work has been taking up most of my time ever since I started working there. Thanks to Donovan for inviting me to attend this appreciation night. (:

It’s my first time coming iDarts Quad and surprisingly the environment here is really good. The sound and beats of the music that were played by the DJ were good and catchy. I could be sitting here all night long watching my friends playing darts while listening to the funky music. :D

With all the girls. L-R: Joanna, Zana, Melody, Siew Cheng, Edazz, Yumi and I. :) 

And as soon as I got there, my girls dragged me to play cards with them since I had nothing to do. Losers would have to drink a sip or two of Asahi beer that were served. Did I tell you that we got free flow of Asahi beer that night? Thank you Asahi Malaysia for the free flow! *wink* It’s one of my favourite beer! So while four of the girls were enjoying playing the cards, Don came and joined us too. *wide grin*

Some were busy taking photos, chit chatting and playing games. :P

There would be photo-taking session and of course selfie again. :P Sorry guys photos taken below are not by Samsung NX Mini as I had finally returned it. Feeling so lifeless without Samsung NX Mini as it had been my companion for the past 4 months. Perhaps it’s time to get one for myself? *hint hint* :P

#Selfie with my babe, Yumi taken with her camera. I love her camera a lot! :D 

A selfie of Asahi props. Thank you Asahi for the free flow beer! 

Anyway I seriously enjoyed this chilling session with the bloggers as I got to keep my mind off from work and have fun with them. Ever since I started working, I do not have much time for myself especially after work because I need to get up really early to work everyday.

 With my babe Yumi again. (:

FYI, the iDarts Malaysia outlets coupled with a vibrant concept of creating unforgettable fun times aims to bring about a new activity catered for everyone. This is not the usual club scene with just upbeat music, drinks and people mingling around. At iDarts, you will see men and women of all ages sharing a good laugh over a lively game of darts. iDarts Bar/Club concept was first established 4 years ago in Hong Kong and has since expanding its business and culture to the South East Asia regions such as Taiwan, Singapore followed by Malaysia in the 3rd quarter of 2011. Its debut store, iDarts Hex located at The Scott Garden, Old Klang Road is wholly owned and operated by iDarts Malaysia, the principle. Till date they have a total of 4 stores located in Kota Damansara, Puchong and Jalan Universiti, PJ.

Electronic dart machines - DARTSLIVE2 at iDarts.

One of the amazing features of iDarts Malaysia is their social network machines. Their electronic dart machines - DARTSLIVE2 which are made by SEGA, Japan, comes along with 4 DARTSLIVE members card slots that allows you to compete with others, at the store or even online and still keep the score. (: Speaking of the night, I had the opportunity to try out playing darts for the first time. If you are ever feeling doubtful about your abilities at hitting bullseye, fear not! iDarts has helpful instructors at their outlets, ready to guide us to make our way to the top of the scoreboard.

Siew Cheng was playing the darts. 

Of course, apart of playing darts, girls will also take the chance to take photos with each other to keep them as memories. I have been spending most of my time on work and definitely this would be the opportunity for me to catch up with some of my friends whom I had not seen them for ages. (:

Melody, yours truly, Li Chuen and Siew Cheng. (:

Melody, Siew Cheng, Joanna, Li Chuen, Yumi and I. Photo credits to Duncan. (:

With Joanna, Li Chuen, Yumi and I. Thank you Yumi for the pretty photos from her new camera. (:

A photo with Don and the rest of the bloggers. (: I love Don's caption tee 'Why Don't You Blog About It'. Maybe all the bloggers should get this t-shirt. Hehe.

There's a cake cutting session on that night too. I enjoyed myself mingling with a bunch of bloggers. Thank you Manoah for giving me the opportunity to open up to the world to know more friends from different parts of the world.

Don was posing with the pretty cake. (:

Don and Radius, the August babies with the cake. (:

For more info, check out their website at Thank you Manoah and iDarts Malaysia for organizing this appreciation night for the bloggers. Thank you Asahi Malaysia for the free flow of Asahi beer on that night too! :D 

iDarts Quad 
Sunway Giza Mall, Kota Damansara, 
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 
Operating Hours: 6pm - late (Daily)
For reservations: +6012 228 0500

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