Finals Over

Finals were over. That marked the end of my year 2 semester 1. How time flies! We planned to go to The Curve on that day since Sien hadn’t been there before. We started our journey in the afternoon. Before that, we headed to university to settle our stuffs before headed to Damansara. It was my first time driving to Damansara though. Hehe.

I had my maps printed to guide me there and yet I was still lost. Lol. But it was a good experience for me. =) As soon as I reached there, we walked around. The mall was quiet. Not many people in the mall. I was bored of the place. We camwhored. XD


Sien and i.

We then walked along the pathways and finally spotted a place for us to relax. I was craving for dessert and suggested to Sien to have it at

Kim Gary’s Restaurant is situated at the isolated place where hardly can be seen. I didn’t know Kim Gary’s Restaurant is there until I spotted the nice ambience of the mall and took a few pictures of it.

While waiting for our desserts to arrive, Sien and I chitchatted and took a lot of pictures. =)

Fat jan with Bosco. =p

Spotted the picture above? I was imitating Bosco. XD

Sien was imitating the other pose. :)

Later on, Huei came and joined us. Below are the photos of the desserts we had taken. We ordered some light snacks too.

Mango Snow Mellow

Japanese Beancurds with Abalone Mushrooms

Sien with the dessert. =D

Jan with Kiwi Snow Mellow. *thumbs up*

Sien's turn


We chitchatted till we didn’t realize it was getting late. Later on, we walked over to Ikano. We shopped till we were tired. We headed to Ikea to have our dinner after that. We ordered hotdogs and currypuffs for our dinner. While eating, we camwhored as usual. Lolx.

Huei and Sien

Huei and i

i love this picture. With Sien.


my small mouth. ehe

*jutting out our tongues*

Oh gosh, my face gotta burst soon. lol

Cute Huei and Sien.

tryin' to make my eyes bigger but FAILED. :p

with the curry puff. =)

We walked around taking a lot of pictures. The night view is amazing.

Huei and i at the opposite of The Curve

with Sien

with Huei

along the pathway XD

outside the Cineleisure.

three of us again. =D

with Sien again. ehe

After that, we headed to the car park and went home. We were too tired. Nevertheless, we had fun. Thanks. ^^

*Special thanks to my friends. You know who you are. =)
*More photos are uploaded in Facebook. =)

Gotta go. Chaoz. XD *winkz*


Janice Yeap


  1. There are flea market during the weekend at Curve (The Walk). This same place behing Royale Bintang Hotel have street performance/singers
    sang English oldies too. It gives an ambience like 'Europe' street :)
    Give some 'clap' on Gs...
    Do drop by when u r online, cheers!


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