SMC babes are BACK!

It would be my happiest day ever since I'm back to KL. Meeting up with them is always the hardest thing to do. First they are too busy to go out. And finally four of us get to meet up with each other after so long. I hadn't see Linet for more than a year, Mei Yuin for almost half a year and Shi Hui for a week. lol. =p

This time four of us get to see each other. Sorry kc, wc and dan. It's a girls' outing anyway. haha. I don't think you guys will know how did four of us ended up being so close together. First of all, four of us studied Form Six back in 2006. Secondly, four of us studying in Physics stream. Third, four of us ended up in the same class. Last but not least, only four of us are from Convent. Fate made four of us got close together and be who we are today. Even though we live quite near, we hadn't have the time to meet up with each other. And it would be the best gathering for four of us after so long. I truly appreciate it. Thanks babes. ^^

Meow and i. =)

Hui and Linet

Linet, Shi Hui and i.

I love Linet's face expression. XD

Linet, Shi Hui and Mei Yuin

Four of us squeezed ourselves to fit into the picture. Poor meow. =(

nice one!

I love this. Friends forever. XD

Another face expression of Linet. :p

My big face couldnt fit into the picture. lol

My tiny eyes. :)


Hui =D

Meow =D

Nerd =D

*Hopefully our friendship will last forever =)*
*Gonna miss all of you*



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