Special Lunch XD

This is going to be a short post.Referring to the title above, I would like to share with you guys what i had for my lunch before i went back to KL during Deepavali week. Was rushing to Ipoh to have the special fish imported from Sabah. I dont really fancy eating the fish but since the fish costs me more than RM2k, so i would just have to eat it. I just dont understand why would men spend so much money on a fish. With RM2k, i can actually just buy diamond necklace for myself or maybe shop for clothings. hmm.

Here's the fish before it was being cooked.

Daddy named it - Wang Bu Liao. hehe

The fish was then steamed and turned out to be like this. hmm.

Look at the scales!

without the scales.

Uncle scraped the scales away. Daddy said that the fish's scales can be eaten. Uncle fried the scales. It's nice though. Daddy gave me a plate of the fish. I was amazed when it was in my mouth. The smooth texture of the fish made me actually enjoyed eating it more. It was sweet too. *drool* I would rate the fish 10 out of 10! Delicious! Yummy! =D Encore for the fish! XD

Big head prawn! =)

There were too many dishes after that but i couldn't finish them and i wasn't in the mood of taking the pictures anymore. Gotta drove back to KL with my girl. Missing my parents badly. We bade farewell here before we left. I stayed overnight at my sister's place before going back to Wangsa. =)

*enjoyed that night*
*in dilemma again*

Janice Yeap