First Movie After Finals

This is my first time watching movie. Oopss! Sorry! What I meant was my first time watching movie after finals ended. It was also my first time watching with Shu Yin ever since I had my car in KL.

Both of us had our lunch at Popeyes. The chicken tenders and fish fillets were in big portions. Both of us regretted for not sharing. But the food wasn’t taste that bad. I would strongly recommend to you guys. Try that! It is located in Midvalley at the opposite of the McDonald’s. And it will be opened in Wangsa Walk Mall too. Check that out! =)

Yin's Chicken Tenders

Jan's Fish Fillets

unique Mashed Potato. XD

The cute bottles of sauces.

Later we headed to the cinema. Both of us planned to watch the Singapore movie. And to my surprise it was a lil bit scary even though it was quite funny. I had my scarf covered my eyes most of the time. Lolx. :P

After the movie, both of us loitered around. We had some desserts. Check them out! =)

mine. =D


We even ordered sweet potato fries too. :)

I drove back after that. Had dinner with a friend of mine. =)

*Thanks for the wonderful day, Yin! =D

*Thanks to you too. ^^

P/s: Sorry for such late updates. Have a nice day =)