Mooncake Festival 09

Sorry for the late post. I know it's too late to blog about Mooncake festival. But still i wanna blog about how i celebrated this year's mooncake festival. =) This year’s mooncake festival is totally awesome. I didn’t get to celebrate with my family the previous year. But this year I had the opportunity to celebrate with my loved ones. Too bad my baby girl wasn’t here beside me. =( This year’s celebration was quite rather boring especially the dinner part. First, my sister wasn’t beside me to accompany me to the dinner. Every year daddy would organize a dinner in conjunction with Mooncake Festival. Most of the people attended the dinner were uncles and aunties. So you guys would know the reason why I would feel bored during the dinner. *yawn*

Right after the dinner ended, to my despair, Taiping was drizzling. =( But still I wanted to go and joined my friends in the Lake Garden. I asked my mum to drop me in the Lake before she headed back home. The whole garden was wet and filled with water. I thought with the wet path ways and grass fields, there were no one playing lanterns or lighting the candles. However my judgment was wrong. Despite the rain, there were still number of people in the lake. This kind of weather still never stop the Taiping people to join in the fun. What a beautiful view each time on Mooncake Festival! =D

But definitely I wouldn’t like the place each time Mooncake festival ended. There were candle waxes and piles of rubbish thrown everywhere polluting my favourite Lake Garden. =( It would also be hard for joggers to jog around the pathways provided as the pathways are full with candle waxes and causing the pathways to be very slippery.

Only four of us were there – the usual gang (incomplete gang without Linet, Daniel and Mei Yuin – miss you guys terribly) Most of my friends didn’t come back cause they are too busy preparing for their finals soon. All the best guys!! =D

Here’s the photos we have taken in the Lake Garden. =) Enjoy!

TF stands for my name. =)

my babes. XD

our names. =D


shi hui, my babe.



sh, wc and i

sh and i.

i love this picture sooooo much...

four of us without nerd, yuin and dan =(

wc and i. XD

sh and wc

sh's favourite pose.

my turn to imitate her. lol

i have no idea what pose is that. hmm

serious look of kc and wc

four of us with lanterns. XD

last but not least, my 38 wc and i. =)

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P/s: New determination and aim as usual. teehee


Janice Yeap