As I Promised

As i had promised you guys the previous post, here it is. My special outing to somewhere so near yet so far to me. After decades, finally i got to jog here. =D Here it is ➜ TAMAN TASIK TITIWANGSA! 
I never expect it to be such big and huge lake garden. I'm lousy. REALLY LOUSY i tell you. I only jog half of the big round. I'm no longer the girl with good stamina already. =((((
Actually my purpose going there was to collect the sample of lake water for my Environmental Science and Engineering laboratory. So i took this opportunity to go jogging. 
Without wasting time, let my photos do the talking. teehee. XD

My first photo after finished jogging.

With Jing Yin =D

Jie Hoai and i

Nice shot! =D

Stalking them. LOL!

I love the water here. 

There were a lot of fish in the lake too.


My not-so-good camera captured it. Sorry!

Here we were to do some jump shots since three of us never do together. However, mine wasn't that obvious compared to both of them. =/

We then continued to walk around. *winkz*

We came across to this artificial beach. Cool! I just love the water here. Clear and clean!

I caught them dating without me.=(

The sun XD


with the sun. teehee

the beautiful view from the artificial beach.

three of us. =D

❤ Trying to hug each other like couple. but too bad she is too skinny. lol ❤


I ❤ this. =D

Jing Yin

Awesome water fountain. =D

A proper shot of us finally. 

Later we headed to the playground since little Jing Yin wanted to play so badly. Hehe. =D I ended up the one sitting on the swing. We captured a few photos as well. 

We had completed 2.692km of walking. =D

P/s: Check out the rest of the photos in Facebook! ❤


 ❤ Haru Haru ❤


  1. nice pics.. especially the cloud one =)

  2. Wow... I think I never know that Titiwangsa have so many nice place to hand out...

    1st time here...
    Nice blog you'd got...

  3. jfook: thanks.

    kenwooi: thanks =) which one?

    DSvT: hmm.. go and check it out if u have the time. =)

  4. so nice the photos... same with Kenwooi nice shot at cloud and the 2nd pic


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