What Happened Actually?

To those who weren't aware of what was happening to my life lately, let me share this with you guys. Eventually last week was a disaster to me. I picked my sister up from Subang on Saturday - during the Earth Hour after i finished meeting up with my dear Shi Hui that day. ❤

While she was studying for her trials in my room, i was feeling hungry cause i skipped my dinner. So eventually i had OAT Square meal for my supper. Superb good! Awww. XD The MAIN POINT is not here yet. Wait till i continued my super long story first. =p

The next day, both of us initially planned to have lunch in Wangsa Maju before i sent her back to Subang. Who would actually know that my stupid dummy couldnt start at all? What went wrong? All of a sudden she was mad at me! WTF! 

I couldn't do anything but to seek help from friends around me. hmm. I appreciated what you guys had done for me. So at that moment, both of us skipped lunch and i sent her back by LRT. Sorry girl!

My dummy was resting in condo for three days till a friend of mine came to rescue her  feeling afraid that the same thing happened to her during my last semester. It did not avail to save the life of my dummy. At that moment, i certified the death of my dummy! =(  I almost gave up. And i hurried called my dad and he helped me to call my cousin brother, who is a mechanic in PJ to rescue my car. 

FYI, he is a professional mechanic. He doesnt simply repair any cars out there. He is specialised in repairing Mercedes Benz, Brabus and BMW (i think). Awesome right? =X

Three days later, a worker of his came to monitor the problems of my car. The moment he touched some of the parts of the car, the engine can be started. I was just laughing at myself cause the day before we were busy observing the parts of the car but none of us knew what exactly happened. We only assumed that problem occurred from the battery of the dummy. Grr!

My cousin called him and asked him to drive my car back to PJ for observation in case other part of the engine affected the cause of the problem. He eventually left the Altis for me to drive since he drove my car back. =D

At least my dummy can be rescued. But driving my cousin's car was quite scary. His car is super duper awesome and fast! =D Eventually driving the car only lasted me for a day. Anyway i'm happy cause my dummy was ok and she is now by my side. 

P/s: Do not angry at mummy already, ok? I know you need to sleep longer but do let me know if you wanna do so. This is because i don't want things to go haywired suddenly. My super short outing with my sister was indeed in a mess. =( 

Anyway i wont be seeing her for two or three weeks? That's long! I gonna miss her. No no! I'm starting to miss her already. Lotsa things to share with her. You guys out there wouldn't understand how i feel. Anyway bi, good luck for your AS trials! =DD 
Remember to come and visit me after your trials ended. lol.

Miss you, bi! =D


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