Who wont get mad eventually?
Dont try to tell me that you never get mad before.
Definitely i won't believe AT ALL!

I wouldnt explain or tell what had happened lately.
But just to tell you that i do not like your attitude.

So what if it's all about MONEY?!?
The matter here isnt about $$$$$.
It's all about character and attitude problems you guys have. 
I'm neither a toy nor doll for you to play with. 

Anyway, it's all over.
I was glad that i spent my three fabulous days with my sister.
(FYI, She is back in Subang.)
Studying in her air-conditioned room was superb good.
She barely let me be in contact with her Laprados and her broadband for three days because i'm having my midterm test today.

It's been two months since i touched the stupid black box a.k.a television.
I love the current tv series that is aired on NTV7 cause they filmed it in my hometown.
That would at least diminish my feelings of missing my family in hometown while watching the series. =)

Oh well! This week is the second last week of the semester.
I do not feel excited cause my finals are coming soon!
All i'm waiting is to reunite with my family and friends back in hometown. =D

I received a good news from my dad and mummy few days ago.
Was feeling excited about it. 
Thinking of it makes my heart pound faster and faster. =DDD
Thanks dad and mum!
I'm blessed to be in this family. *hugs* ❤❤


*Had tasty cuisines these few days. ❤ *
*Growing fatter and fatter already. Sob.*
*Looking forward. Whee. *

 ❤ 声をきかせて ❤