Big Feast Day! (Part 1)

I lost the mood in blogging since my finals are coming in two weeks' time. 
However, i will try to keep my blog alive. Maybe i will abandon my blog for a short term when finals are here.
Anyway, i will write a short post if i have the free time to do so. =)

Today's post is rather fun cause i'm talking about FOOD! XD I hadn't blog about food for quite sometimes and today I would like to recommend to you guys the food i ate for the past two weeks.
(No wonder I can grow sooooo fat in KL. All i know is eat and eat only. lol)



I had been craving for Belgian chocolate for sooooo long. And finally i got the chance to consume them. But we didnt order the chocolates. Instead we ordered the 'Chocolate Affair' which was the name given to a chocolate fondue. 

And it was worth eating after all. Not too expensive for two persons. And three of us actually shared that. hehe =)

Sorry for my fat look! 

ss-ing for awhile. =p

three of us. L-R: Veron, Jie Hoai and i. =)

Veron and Jie Hoai

Jie Hoai and i with the fondue. ❤

Veron and i. teeeeeheeee. 

✼ My motive to go Pavilion on that day was to get something for my sister which i had promised her ages ago and not to dine in Pavilion. =) ✼

Pavilion (Next to Dome and at the same row with Sakae Sushi as well)
Price: RM25.90 excluding tax for two persons.

❤ Coming up next - Big Feast Day (Part 2)❤