Big Feast Day (Part 2)

I will blog with more photos and less words today. =D
Check out these photos.
This outing was quite long ago.
Hadnt have the time to upload the photos till today. 
Eventually we had our dinner at Dragon-I cause we were just aiming at the RM1 whole piece of chicken. lol.

The RM1 chicken. =)

Siu Long Bao

Sze Chuan La Mian

Wantan La Mian

I totally had forgotten what is it called.


P/s: One more paper to go! Can't wait. XD


  1. Went for RM 1 chicken sometime ago. All the best in your assessments!

  2. interesting... I'm hungry now! :D

  3. jfook: thanks.

    sonnykazu: go n eat then. hehee...:D


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