Updates from Taiping

I'm in Taiping writing this post. Today will be my last day in Taiping. How i wish my semester break can be extended. However, i had fun with my girls and guys for the past few days. Life is so much wonderful as I wish to. I'm hoping that our friendship will last forever. =)

Anyway milliion thanks to my friend for the day. I know it's rather busy for you to spend your precious time justfor me. Appreciate what you have done for me. Thanks! =)

New semester will be starting on this monday. I can't afford to play anymore as i'm entering YEAR 3 already! Time flies! =(

Bye bye peeps. Hope to catch up with you guys soon. =) xoxo

P/s: Will further update my outings with my friends in Taiping in the next post! =)


  1. old old janice...year 3 already...hahhaa...good luck!

  2. Lol. Shaddap! You also old already ok? Blek!


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