Critical Days Are Yet To Come

Yeah. More critical days are yet to come. 
I know i shouldn't be blogging right now. 
But let me rant something that i'm not contented with today's exam.
Couldn't finish on time. Shyt!

But don't worry. I'm currently studying for my Economics subject which the exam falls on this coming Monday.

I need to divide my time properly for stupid long and memorizing subject of Environmental Science and Engineering which falls on the next day after my Economics paper.
Don't blame me cause the subject is freaking stupid.
And i need to memorize the 2-inches thickness of notes and reference book.

What's wrong with degree studies nowadays?
The higher level of education, the more memorizing subjects are coming.
And those terminologies aren't easy as you
think with those dumbos scientific terms!
What a life i have in degree level!!!????!!!!

Right right. I know i shouldn't be complaining too much since i should spend more time on studying those two subjects.
Can't wait for these two freaking horrifying subjects to over cause i HATE TO MEMORISE! *sigh* Emo-ing now! Grrrr....



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