Voice Out

I need to voice out my feelings today.
Well, today i had my first final which is Moral!
60 multiple choice questions for 2hours?!

I expected to finish them in less than 2 hours and to my despair, i was still struggling over a few long questions a few minutes before the time's up!
The answers for each questions are almost similar to one another and FREAKING LONG!

Anyway, i managed to finish them all. 
No regrets after all.
Just hoping that my answers are correct. =)

5 more papers to go before i prepare myself for holidays.
Next week will be a busy week for me as i have two papers on the consecutive days.
Both papers require my tiny brain to function extra hard on the day before the papers start.
Wish me luck dudes!

However, things are getting simpler for me as days had passed.
Maybe i'm starting to take things lightly cause nothing can bother me besides my finals after all! =D

Anyway, my wishes will be granted real soon! ✌

My all-time favourite dessert. =)

P/s: Ip Man 2 rawks! =D



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