Gosh! I'm Insane

Gosh. I'm insane totally. I kept on blogging about food. This post will be about food too.. But only McD. haha.. I bet you guys will be shocked to see the photos below since the amount of food we had taken was superb a lot. =p

Only sis and i had these. Only TWO person. haha

I had no idea why i was laughing too. =p

she took this without me being noticed

her hashbrown. 

second shot.! 

our food! I know that's alot. teehee

Wondering what was she looking at. hmm

Anyway, we had these at McD in SS15, Subang Jaya. A walking distance from sis's college. =D That's all. This will be a rather short post... 

P/s: I enjoyed myself yesterday. Thanks for accompanying me. Or else i will be bored to death the whole day. =) ❤❤


  1. lol..i have the same sentiment as Dori :-P

  2. hm yep. i almost puke when i forced myself to finish them.... i wont be eating that anymore!

  3. woah...two of u having so much breakfast...sure increase weight


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