Dress Code: Formal

Attended a conference in MMU, Cyberjaya with a bunch of students.

It was my first time wearing formal wear for more than 10 hours.
So friggin tired. 
Feeling uncomfortable in the formal clothes.

Bear with those photos. 
I know i looked super fat in those photos.
Oh yea, i wore a 3-inches heels for more than 10 hours.
Oh god. Thank god ma heels didnt cause blisters to my feet.
Heart you soo much, heels! xoxo

The weather is super hot and yet i wanna took a photo of myself here. Zzz max~
Ignore my stupid wrinkled face here.

I looked like a dead person here.. Face super pale as if i'm going to faint anytime. 
Just ignore me.. =.=''

A candid shot of me. Being emo i think.
So random.

Oh ya, it was Earth Hour that day.
Wanna know how did i spend my Earth Hour?
I switched off the lights and dozed off straight till the next morning at 5!
Amazing right?
I know i sounded lame here. 
Woke up at 5 in the morning and we were so tired.
The whole conference ended almost 6pm.
By the time we reached home, it was almost 7 something.
I skipped my meal, took a nice long bath and went to bed straight away.
That's how i spend my Earth Hour that day! =p