Gleeful Moments

The best part in this semester was spending my quality time with my fam at home.
I couldnt help but to sleep all the day long at home. Mum and dad said i looked thinner compared to the previous trip. Indeed i lost a few kgs during the hectic periods in KL. (Stressful life. Sigh)

I spent most of my time studying, doing assignments, attending workshops and i didnt even have the time to sleep as usual. My normal sleeping hours are approximately 7-8 hours a day and i cut it down to two or three hours a day. I know this sounds crazy but what to do. i have only 14 weeks for a semester and almost each subject i took on this semester has two assignments or two tests which drove me crazy for the past few weeks. 

Well, i went back to hometown just to get rid of the hectic lifestyle in KL. And back in Taiping, all i did was only eating. You can actually see the photos above are mostly about food. (Part of my favourite ones)

Of course not forgetting spending some time chitchatting with fam was the best of the best. Being slothful during the short weekend break in Taiping, i managed to take some random photos to loosen up my nerves. Teehee..

Daddy's mini Hennessy and Guinness collection. (Spot the GOLD Hennessy! Limited edition one!) 

My all time favourite hobby. xoxo

My baby Stitch with G12.

I really enjoyed myself at home. Being at home is always the best part especially you have loaded assignments and tests awaiting you. Well, I just take it as a short break for me after all. Once I'm back in KL, there's no chance for me to sit back and relax as finals are approaching.

And yeah, with the never-ending assignments and tests, i thought i could really rest but too bad, finals are here. My first paper will be on this Thursday. Sucks isnt it? I don't even have the time to chill. Sigh.

Anyway good luck everyone out there. I wish everything will turn out smoothly and I pray pretty hard. I don't want to be a FINAL year student! FYP OH FYP!! ARGH... No no no. Save me please. Will be getting busier than this semester. I bet i don't need to go jogging after that cause i'm losing too much weight. LOL! 

Tata peeps. Miss all of you. ❤



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