Serious Consequences of Sleep Deprivation

The main cause of writing this post is because i'm currently in that mode. Wanna know why? Super thanks to my 'FAVE' university for the never-ending piles of assignments and tests I had during this semester. I officially ended my Year 3 Semester 3 and currently facing my final exams. Can you actually believe that i'm finishing my year 3 and will be moving to the year 4 for my final year in the university. Call me 'senior' please! haha. *sounded so old calling me that* and i totally dislike it! =p

Yes. Call me Senior! =p

Studying an engineering course for final year isnt the best thing in my life. And i know it happens only once in my life. Tons of things i have to take into considerations after this. All sorts of questions came into my mind now. For example, what kind of life will i lead to after graduation, will i be able to graduate on time, will i get a secure job in the engineering field, will i work as engineer in future or will i be changing my path to another route, what kind of industry will i be working in, how much money can i earn a month to support myself, should i work or continue studying or study and work at the same time.... These questions popped up in my mind ever since i started my new semester in early January. 

Somehow, i always hope that things might change for the better. I know i will disappoint my parents for not getting the results they always want. I have been struggling hard for the past three years and the results aren't satisfactory to me. 

After all these questions popping out in my mind in addition to the piles of undone assignments, this is how i always end up in sleeping two to three hours a day for the past one week. I woke up pretty early almost everyday just to keep up my pace with the lecture notes and tutorials that were given by the lecturers for all the subjects. I have one tiny problem in my heart that will remain unsolved till end of this semester. Hopefully i will overcome it as soon as possible. 

Eventually, for the past few weeks, i had been facing with sleeping disorder, headache (almost every day), stress mind, and lost of appetite, sore throat and etc. One fine day, while searching for my infos on assignments, i came with this idea to look for the effects of sleep deprivation. I was surprised when i browsed to the pages. 

"Sleep deprivation is the condition of not having enough sleep be it either chronic or acute. A chronic sleep-restricted state can cause fatigue, daytime sleepiness, clumsiness and weight loss or weight gain. It adversely affects the brain and cognitive functions." 

It sounded so serious - affects the brain and cognitive functions! *scared*

Let me share with you guys the 8 bad effects that can impact your body if you sleep less than 7-9 hours / day, and if you do not sleep soundly. =)
1. Increasing the desire to eat fatty Foods

Lack of sleep can eliminate the hormone that regulates appetite. As a result, the desire to eat high fat and carbohydrates will increase. You want to eat a high calorie intake. If during the 2 nights you are not sleep soundly, It can trigger excessive hunger. This condition occurs because the ghrelin hormone stimulates appetite enhancer, and lessen leptin hormone as appetite suppressant.
Over time, this can cause weight gain. In research done on identical twins by the University of Washington found that People that sleep 7-9 hours every night, the average body mass index was 24.8, almost 2 points lower than the average Body Mass Index (BMI) of those who lack of sleep.

The study conducted by the University of Chicago also found that closing the eyes less than 7 hours could increase the production of cortisol or stress hormones. Even in the afternoon and evening can increase heart rate, blood pressure and blood glucose that can trigger the occurrence of hypertension, heart disease and diabetes type 2
2. Weaken the body’s antibody
Based on the study, people who slept less than 7 hours per night could be 3 times more prone to feeling cold. Other research found that in men who sleep less will fail to maintain the immune response or a normal immune after receiving a flu shot. The people that get lack of sleep, antibodies that work after the vaccination only lasts a maximum of 10 days. This condition is very dangerous.
Therefore, improve the quality of sleep, to boost your immune system. If too little time to sleep your immune system could be disrupted.

3. Triggering restless
Sense of restless every night would continue to people who have poor sleep quality. The reaction of the body can decreasing as well. More chronic again, happy feelings will not live up to people with lack of sleep. “Sleep and mood is regulated by the same chemicals in brain,” said Joyce Walsleben, PhD. This can increase the risk of developing depression, but perhaps only for those who are vulnerable to the disease.

Fall asleep whenever i wanna do revision. Body feels tired each time.

4. Looks older
My current look.

People with lack of sleep usually have pale skin and tired face. “Even worse, increased levels of cortisol that can slow the production of collagen which triggered the wrinkles more quickly,” said a sleep problem expert.

I do not want to grow old so fast. I'm still so young. =(

5. Various pain can arise
Not surprisingly, chronic pain such as back problems or arthritis can happen when you make a bad sleep activity. In a study waking healthy young adults people for 20 minutes every hour for 8 hours for 3 consecutive days. The result, they have a lower pain tolerance, and easy to experience pain.

6. Higher Cancer Risk
Exercise helps prevent cancer, but too little closing eyes can damage the protective effect. Johns Hopkins from Bloomberg School of Public Health Study examined nearly 6,000 women for about a decade and found that sports fans who slept 7 hours or less per night have a greater chance of 50% have cancer than those who do exercise regularly and have good sleep quality .

Because the poor quality of sleep can cause hormonal and metabolic disturbances associated with cancer risk, and can ‘delete’ the benefits of exercise.

P/s: It is a very serious case if you lack of sleep. Please do not take this for granted. Please share among each other, readers. =)



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