I am in a depression state for the past few days.
From this mood:

to this mood:

Wanna know why? Cause it's EXAM fever. Not Bieber fever! (Okay. I know i sounded lame for putting the word 'Bieber' in my post. I am trying to reduce my stress i'm currently facing) 4 days to my first paper and 17 days more to my freedom.

I have this habit of blogging during finals. I know you will say that i'm not supposed to do that since i should take the blogging time to do my revision. But this is the only thing i do to reduce my stress cause i'm in a blue funk during exam period. I bet those who follow my twitter will know what happen to me lately.

Alright. Gotta continue with my revision and tutorials on Particle Technology. Will move on to new subject later at night. Love ya readers! 


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