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Hey readers, how's life? I am back again. Do you guys actually realise I had changed into new blog layout? Give me some opinions on my new layout. Thanks and love ya'll. =D

My new layout. ❤

And my first test of the finals was over yesterday. Good bye and you will be 'deeply' missed. You are now hidden somewhere where I don't wish to see you at all. 

I don't wish to see you again seriously. But i hope to receive good news from my lecturer.  Feeling heartache to see free marks flew away just because i didn't finished them on time! Darn. Why would you always twist and turn the questions and past year's papers are much easier compared to this semester!!!???? Why would you always treat my batch this way? Why? Why don't you just set the questions which are right straight to the points? My fingers are full of blisters now. What to do? Trying my best to finish them ASAP. But still I FAILED to do so. I became sober right after the test and right now I'm still thinking about it. I never feel depressed before and this semester i had the worst depression ever. Everyone thinks I'm crazy. I can't sleep and eat well due to depression. =/ (ignore my rants here)

I have decided to change my life for good. And I finally come to my consciousness. I know it's the time to move on. It so happened that everything came across my mind at one time due to peer pressure, personal pressure and family pressure (dd and mi don't pressure me eventually). 

Alright. I need to stop now. Next paper is on few day's time. Wish me luck. =)



  1. i got my blog a new layout too.. kekeke... anyway, yours is nice! ;D

  2. just checked yours too. simple and nice=) and the food is tempting! =p


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