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I always have wanted a fair skin with a pinkish tone. Weeks ago, I managed to find the secret to fair skin with a pinkish tone at Garnier Sakura White Blogger Party. Introducing the Sakura White range from Garnier which was launched last year consists of a gentle foam, a moisturizing day cream with SPF 21 PA+++ and an intensive whitening mask. This range visibly unifies skin texture to reveal a pinkish radiance just like the lovely Sakura flower.

 Garnier Sakura White Range. (:

We were greeted with warm welcome from Miss Connie and her team members at her office. There were food provided during the party. Guess what? Sushis and bentos from My Iku were provided by them to satisfy our hungry tummy! Yay! 

 A boat full of sushis! *nom nom*

Desserts such as mochi, cupcakes and macaroons were provided too. Ahh! All the food were decorated nicely. (:

They even provided bedroom slippers for us to walk around the room. *wide grin*

Product sharing presentation before live demonstration. (:

We were given the chance to try out the products from Sakura White range on that day itself. We had to remove our makeup before starting off with the skincare regime. I tried using the Sakura White Gentle Cleansing Foam after I removed the makeup. Sakura White Gentle Cleansing Foam (100 ml- RM12.90) deeply and gently cleanses the skin to reveal the fresh and pinkish radiant complexion. The formula is gentle and suitable even for sensitive skin. I can see instant brightening effect on my skin right after the first wash (can be seen from the photo below).

Sakura White Gentle Cleansing Foam - RM12.90 for 100 ml

Sakura White range does not come with toner itself. Instead, they have this Intensive Whitening Mask. Sakura flower is so precious because it only blooms for 7 days in a year. This precious property is what makes the Sakura flower special for the Sakura White range. Sakura Extract in the Day Cream and Whitening Mask contains the antioxidant flavonoid and polyphenol, enhancing the ingredients's whitening power to reveal skin's pinkish radiance while reducing dullness. Meanwhile, Vitamins B3 and CG in the formula help skin to become softer, smoother and even toned. The whitening mask also keeps skin supple as well as hydrated for up to 24 hours.

Intensive Whitening Mask - RM9.90

I like how the mask fitted on my skin perfectly. This Intensive Whitening Mask is specially customised to wrap the face like a second skin, providing comfort and relax sensation of a professional care. It is capable of absorbing 10 times its own weight which allows Sakura essence to infuse deeply into the skin to moisturise from inside out.

 Instant effect on my face after the mask. 

Perhaps you might not see the difference on the face based on the photos above. However I did experience instant brightening effect after applying the mask. I can feel the softness on my skin after using the mask. his mask contains a lot of essence which I strongly advise to massage the remaining essence on the skin to avoid wastage.

To further boost skin's fair pinkish tone Sakura White introduces two new products that work intensively deep within skin along with the other existing products in the range. Introducing the new Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Ultimate Serum which is the star product of the range. This super lightweight serum is enriched with 5000 Sakura whitening capsules and Sakura extract to act as an ultra-hydrating booster for your skin. It works on 5 dimensions:

- Reveals a pinkish radiance on skin
- Evens out skin tone
- Leaves skin clearer looking
- Boosts skin's texture for a more soft and supple feel
- Provides skin with 24-hour hydration

 Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Ultimate Serum - RM35.90
We were given tips on how to massage our face using Shiatsu facial massage. Shiatsu facial massages uses only fingertips for massaging on face to tighten and rejuvenate facial muscles and skin. Shiatsu facial massage also relaxes facial muscles and induces the flow of vigor through the face. It helps in the removal of toxins and the final outcome is a beautiful healthy appearance. 

Want to wake up to pinkish radiance every morning? Then deeply nourish your skin all night long while you sleep with this lightweight, non-sticky gel cream sleeping essence, Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Sleeping Essence that deeply nourishes like an overnight mask. It is enriched with 2X Sakura Extracts a well as Natural Fruit Extracts and vitamin CG. This blend of active ingredients helps hydrate skin up to 24 hours while you sleep. It helps lighten skin tone, fade dark spots and refine skin texture so that you can wake up to pinkish radiant skin the next morning that feels smoother, softer, bouncier and more refreshed. After 1 night, skin is visibly healthier with a pinkish radiance.

Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Sleeping Essence - RM26.90

Since it's already evening, we applied Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Sleeping Essence instead of the day moisturiser. My skin felt smooth and soft after one application. Apply evenly on perfectly cleansed face and neck at night time after serum.

More radiant and fairer skin except for the eye area. (P/s: I have super dark eye circle but it helps to lighten that area)

We got the opportunity to decorate our own hair bands  with pretty sequins, flowers and etc. I normally don't wear hairbands, so I watched some of the bloggers and the Garnier team decorated their own headbands beautifully. (:

Selfie with Kah Mon (:

The complete Garnier Sakura White range is now available nationwide. Take care of your skin with the precious Sakura Extracts of Garnier Sakura White. Reveal a fair pinkish tone skin just like the beautiful Sakura flower with Garnier. For more information, do check out their Facebook for more updates: www.facebook.com/GarnierMalaysia.

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