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I attended a blogger party on a beautiful Saturday morning last month. This time I had the opportunity to attend Eversoft Skinz UV White party which was held in Rondaevoo, Attivo Plaza to introduce the Eversoft Skinz UV White range.

 Host of the day, Miss Choo Mei Sze.

The host of the day, Miss Choo Mei Sze kicked off the event with some welcome remarks. For your information, Mei Sze is a blogger too. (: Later on, Miss Alexiss Ng, the Product Manager for Eversoft Skinz, introduced Eversoft Skinz UV-White range of products and shared about 3 key benefits of the products: Advanced Whitening, Spots Lightening and Active Skin Repair.

Miss Alexiss Ng, Product Manager for Eversoft Skinz

Japanese women have enchanted the world with their youthful, porcelain fair skin. The secret behind this radiant beauty lies in a traditional skincare ritual that has been perfected over generations. Using natural Japanese ingredients, it embraces the Japanese 5-Step skincare ritual for radiant whitening of skin.

Sakura Leaf Extract 
Loved by the Japanese as this skin-loving extract is known to smoothen and brighten skin for rosy radiance and luminous complexion 

Lipo-Vit C
A patented Japanese technology that delivers potent vitamin C actives deeply into skin to actively lighten skin with anti-pollutant effectiveness. Its anti-tyrosinase (the source of spots) properties help to reduce hyper pigmentation signs and skin darkening from within 

Uji Tea Extract
Obtained from the high quality, premium grade green tea from Kyoto, Japan. Packed with powerful and effective natural anti-oxidants, it helps to renew and repair skin by neutralizing the damage caused by UV and free radicals.

  5-Step Regime: Cleanse, Tone, Whiten, Moisturise, Protect

Mei Sze proceeded with the demonstration on the right techniques of applying the 5 steps regime of the UV-White products.

10 Dimensions of Radiant Whitening 
- Fairness 
- Radiance 
- Luminosity 
- Translucency 
- Inner Clarity and Glow 
- Dark spots reduced 
- Even tone 
- Hydration Moisture lock 
- Smoother and Firmer

It's important to use cleansing oil to remove the makeup. Therefore, Eversoft Skinz Cleansing Oil was used to purifies the skin by effectively removing makeup, sunscreen, BB cream and other residues. Dispense 3 - 5 pumps onto palms, smooth over the face and eye area. Gently massage to dissolve the the makeup, mascara and other impurities. Wet face with water and continue massage in circular motion until oil turns milky.

Eversoft Skinz Deep Action Micro Cleansing Oil

Step 1 - Cleanse 
Eversoft Skinz UV White Purifying Facial Foam is the 99% plant-based active foaming cleanser gently cleanses and removed impurities while retaining skin's natural moisture balance. It deeply cleanses your skin to reveal clearer translucency. Skin is perfectly cleansed, refreshed and soft to the touch.

Eversoft Skinz UV White Purifying Facial Foam 

Step 2 - Tone
Eversoft Skinz UV White Clarifying Toner is a balancing toner that deeply tones and purifies, keeping skin radiant and pores refined. Enhanced with Aloe Vera and Licorice to soothe and calm your skin, preparing it for optimum absorption of skin whitening therapy. Restores your skin's optimum pH balance for a hydrated, fresh sensation. 

 Eversoft Skinz UV White Clarifying Toner

Step 3 - Whiten 
Eversoft Skinz UV White Intensive Whitening Serum is a high-potency serum packed with active whitening concentrate and enhanced with Hesperidin to boost skin lightening process. Helps reduce pigmentation and dark spots effectively, revealing a brighter and more radiant skin ton. Use regularly for deeper whitening from within and see a radiant, glowing luminosity in 2 weeks!

Eversoft Skinz UV White Intensive Whitening Serum

Step 4 - Moisturise 
Eversoft Skinz UV White Whitening Day Moisturiser SPF 20 PA++ is a water-based day cream that quickly and effectively absorbs to whiten, protect and hydrate your skin during the day. Advanced broad spectrum UV filters provide complete protection from UVA and UVB rays, reducing further sun damage. Use regularly for deeper whitening from within and see a radiant, glowing luminosity in 2 weeks!

Eversoft Skinz UV White Whitening Day Moisturiser SPF 20 PA++

Step 5 - Protect 
Eversoft Skinz UV White Perfect White BB Cream SPF 30 PA++ is an advanced whitening and protective BB cream that combines the benefits of skincare and colour control technology to attain instant radiant, flawless-looking skin. Advanced broad-spectrum UV filters provide complete shield from UVA and UVB rays. Get deeper whitening from within and see a radiant, glowing luminosity with continuous use! It does not leave sticky feeling on my face after applying it. (:

Eversoft Skinz UV White Perfect White BB Cream SPF 30 PA++

Continuous usage of Eversoft Skinz UV White 5-Step Skincare regime can create visible results within 2 week. Later on, renowned image consultant, Miss Josephine Lui shared with the audience on the tips on how to choose the right colour that compliments the skin complexion and get the best out of your confidence. 
Miss Josephine Lui, a renowned image consultant. (:

She mentioned on how we can improve with our self-image by manipulating the colours that we wear every day to bring out the best in your confidence.

Gold or silver?

We then moved on to the pampering session where the bloggers were treated with a make-up session to complement and apply some of Josephine's tips that was raised earlier. The guests were also pampered with hand massage and manicure to further indulge their leisure needs. This gave the chance for the bloggers and personalities to interact with one another while getting to know more about the product in a relaxing and soothing environment.

Manicure session. (:

Here's some of the photos taken with Cheesie, Mei Sze and the other bloggers. (:

Selfies with Mei Sze (left) and Cheesie (right)

Group photo with the bloggers, Miss Josephine Lui and Miss Alexiss Ng on that day.

Thank you Eversoft Skinz for having us! I truly enjoyed the session with the bloggers. For more information on the Eversoft Skinz UV White range, check them out at their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/EversoftSkinz.

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