[Announcement] Winners of Mayfair Bodyline Customised Treatment ❤

Hey guys! How's your weekday going on? It's already Thursday today! Yoohoo! One more day to weekend! Yay! *wide grin* 

Anyway, do you guys still remember about the giveaway I did previously in my blog? Anyway I would like to thank to all my readers for participating in the Mayfair Bodyline Customised Treatment Giveaway which was held a month plus ago.

Here's the 10 winners who won the customised treatment from Mayfair:

Jessica Yong


Mai Sarah

Kelly Chin

Natasha Redzawan

Miriam Goh

Li Chuen

Pinky Yii

Yuh Jiun

Jessica Goh 

Congratulations to the 10 winners! Emails will be sent to you guys shortly! Congrats again and thank you for supporting my blog. I will try to organize more giveaways in my blog soon! Meanwhile, check out my latest giveaway from Burt's Bees here: http://janiceyeap.blogspot.com/2014/10/event-giveaway-burts-bees-intense-hydration.html.

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