[Review: Part 1] Unboxing the REALASH Enhancer Serum ❤

Holla readers! How's weekend? I had fun with a bunch of bloggers last week at Amplify watching live performance from Magic! at KL Life Centre. Anyway, I received an awesome beauty product that can create fuller and thicker lashes within weeks. Introducing REALASH Enhancer Serum, an innovative eyelash enhancing serum. REALASH Enhancer Serum is intended for all women who wish to have long, thick and strong lashes.

 I received the eyelash enhancing serum in a pretty gift box. Loving it! :D 

Opened the gift and saw the full size REALASH Enhancer Serum. *wide grin* Engineered with innovative technology, REALASH Enhancer Serum helps your eyelashes grow faster and stronger. This serum also helps your body to produce real lashes with incredible density, length and strength so you will look best everyday, at anytime. In addition, REALASH Enhancer Serum doesn't irritate eyes nor it causes any side-effects. Amazing right?

 Received a full size of REALASH Enhancer Serum! :D

Seriously I can't wait to see the results after 1 month. As you can see from my lashes below, I have delicate-looking lashes. Sometimes my lashes would break or fall off especially when I remove my mascara. Sometimes lengthening mascara doesn't help to lengthen or strengthen the lashes I have. So I need those thicker, fuller and stronger lashes definitely and I know this REALASH Enhancer Serum can do miracles to my lashes! :D

My delicate-looking lashes.

My lashes with mascara on.

I can't wait to get spectacular results on my lashes. To those who are interested to try out this REALASH Enhancer serum, they have a "Starter" package at only RM199. This package includes 1 unit of REALASH Enhancer Serum in 3ml and is sufficient for 4 - 5 months of daily use.

For more information on the serum, visit their website: http://www.realash.my and remember to stay tuned to my next blog post for the results of my eyelashes after using the serum. :D

Disclaimer: Photos taken above are not edited and the product was sent to me for review purposes. However this does not affect my judgement in the review in any way and all opinions expressed are solely my own.

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