Guinness Amplify Finale Show feat. Magic! ❤

Guinness Amplify Finale Show was a huge success with thousands of Malaysian music fans came together to watch performance from Dash, OJ Law and the rising stars MAGIC! at KL Life last week. Li Chuen and I were lucky enough to find a parking spot in the building on that night. *phew* I knew that it's always hard to find a parking spot in KL Life Centre building whenever concerts or parties were held in that place.

Unique tokens for the VIPs to redeem their free Guinness Stout drinks (:

A photo with the props! :D

Upon registration, we were given two tokens each to redeem our free Guinness Stout drinks. Since it was still early, Li Chuen, Yumi and I had dinner at Serai beforehand. As usual, the girls would take the opportunity to selfie and I am glad to meet all my babes after so long. *wide grin*

Photos with Yumi and Li Chuen. Friggin' love Yumi's camera. (:

Guinness Amplify has been touring Peninsular Malaysia for the past 7 weeks, bringing together some of the best artists Malaysia has to offer in a showcase of the passion, talent, and dedication that our local musicians possess. Each weekend has seen a free-admission gig at various venues in Klang Valley, Johor, and Penang, before returning to KL for the Finale Show.

 A glass of Guinness to kickstart my party night :D 

The first performance of the night was kicked off with local electropop heroes Dash taking the stage with a high-energy set which delighted their fan ready to rock out to a wonderful evening of live music. 

The band from Kuala Lumpur had already headlined their own show in the Guinness Amplify Live Tour, and their unique stage presence and vibrancy thrilled the crowd once more as they blasted out some of their biggest hits including fan favourites ‘If I Don’t Stay’ and ‘Overrated Understatement’.

Next up was musical maestro OJ Law, who treated the audience to the unique stylings of his 'Banana Indie Soulrocktronica'. OJ Law's dedication to his craft shone through during his performance with an impressive and technically proficient set featuring crowd-pleasing current hit 'Tongue Tied' in the finale show.

The moment I have been waiting for - performance from MAGIC!, the final act of the night. The Nu Reggae band from Toronto later took the stage to the screams of thousands of music fans eager to catch the band in their first ever performance in Malaysia, and wowed the crowd with a performance worthy of the band’s name.

My dream came true when I had the opportunity to hear their live performance. It was amazing!

MAGIC! took the crowd on a journey through their new album, ‘Don’t Kill the Magic’ to the smash-hit debut single ‘Rude’, which has taken the world by storm, earning the number 1 spot in the US and UK singles charts and going multi-platinum along the way. I even took a short video of the debut single 'Rude'.

 My short video of the single 'Rude'.

Photo session time with my babes. (: I would not want to miss taking photos with them since I have not been meeting them for quite some time.

With babe Yumi. (:

With my pretty babes, Joanna and Zana. (: Love both of you! xoxo

Photo with Jacqueline. (:

Last but not least, an ootd of yours truly. I tried to look a bit hipster that night by pairing up my chiffon top with my denim shorts, a pair of high-rise sneakers and a sling leather bag for the party. Normally I don't curl up my hair for any occasions but this time I tried to curl my hair to change my usual look. What do you think of this look? Let me know what are your opinions by dropping your comments below alright? *wide grin*

Top: Chiffon Top from Cotton On
Bottom: Denim shorts from Forever 21
Shoes: Isabel Marant Inspired High-rise Sneakers
Bag: Sling Leather Bag from DKNY

Thank you Guinness Malaysia and Manoah for the invitation. To find out more about the campaign, log on to

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