30-Hour Famine

Regarding the title above, i bet everyone must be wondering why
 would i go through starvation for 30 hours as I'm a girl who has a gastric problem.

Alright! Let me tell you.
I actually MANAGED to complete it? A big round applause to me~~ 
*clap clap*

This 30-hour famine camp was organised by UTAR, Sungai Long Campus. Only 10 - 20 people from my campus went to the camp. So we had cars from Sungai Long's committee members to fetch us. =) Thanks a lot!

And deeply grateful to my friend who helped to solve my transportation problem. Million thanks to you! =)))

Without wasting time elaborating, let my photos reveal the whole event. Oh ya! Thanks to my team members for making our group the most honest one. hehe. To those who had attended the camp would know what i was talking about. =)

Before leaving to Sungai Long Campus. (With Sien and Ze Kai)

Our very first group photo. Thanks Francis! =)

My team members.

The event started by appearance of Chen Jia Kai on stage. He sang his new songs. To those who didnt know him, let me tell you guys. He is a Malaysian singer. =) To know more about him, google about him. teehee =p

Our event eventually continued with a survival game. It wasn't easy. We need to persuade the organizers to be our volunteers for Haiti earthquake's Fundraising which i think is somewhat difficult. At the end of the game, all of us were conned by the fella who sold the fraud air tickets. Grrrr!

Oops. Forgot to tell you guys how i felt especially we needed to starve. Hmm. Eventually, I didn't feel hungry at all after playing lots of games continuously. The power of starvation. Haha! At night, we had Miss Malaysia World 2008, Miss Soo Wincci came to our camp. She sang all her new songs in the new album. And she contributed 100 pieces of albums to the camp and selling at only RM12 per album. So it's worth buying her album =)

We had her song as our theme song for this camp. ❤

Isn't she beautiful? I just love the way she talks. =) We had this new celebrity, Yew Han to sing us his songs too.  

Famine night was way too long. I almost fell asleep when there's this guy playing this musical instrument. lol! We went to bed after we played another treasure hunt. It's tiring. Gosh~! hmm. It was my first time camping anyway. But this camping style is way to comfy cause we slept in an air conditioned room, to be exact- tutorial class.

The next day --------->>>

team members with Michelle, the team leader

Chai Leng

We had these "Lou Sang" session where all of us need to decorate the vegetables we had cut on the table. We are not allowed to eat till we completed the 30-hour session. Sigh. Stomach was growling while waiting for the eating time.

with Sien, Kai and i.

group photo.

with the 'lou sang'

yih huey

jing yi 

certificate-giving session

Chao Tiong - our singer

posing with the Tupperware bottles.

our completed 'lou sang'

with the chairman and Kok Seong

Photo taking sessions. =)

My team members.

Participants from FES Campus

Kok Seong

with Kar Mun.

group photo with the CSS president of Sg Long

The chairman-in-charge  and i

Sien, Kar Mun, Kai

Sien, Kar Mun, me and Kai

Chan Wei and Sien

We reached Setapak at 7.30pm. Another photo-taking session before we went back to our own places. 

My back with signatures from Wincci and Yew Han.

Kai and i

Sien and i.

P/s: Had fun anyway. Glad to make new friends. ❤



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