Year 2010 - Year of Tiger *rawr*

This year's gathering was awesome.
I hadn't see pingpeng, mag, ling, huisim, lay ann and jo ann for quite sometimes.
Our gathering was held in Starbucks. 
I never knew that gathering in Starbucks on that night could be that difficult.
There was traffic congestion. Parking spaces were hard to be found.
In the end, Nicole and i were late! Sorry guys!~

We chitchatted non-stop and took lots of photos as usual. 
Glad to see them that night!
Hopefully we will be able to see each other AGAIN! ❤❤

Nicole and i. ❤

Nic, Yuin, Jo and i

Ling, Nic and i

pity meow aka yuin =p

meow was happily smiling when nic and i tried to strangle her. haha

thank god five of us can be squeezed in a photo =)

two kisses for nic! teeeheeee

hui sim, nic and i

my meow and i 

nic's coffeee =p

ann nie, peng, lay ann, ling and nic

mag and i. hadnt see her since we graduated from pre uni i think. hmm

ling - as skinny as usual.

hui sim and i. hadnt see her for quite sometimes. you too busy for me. haih

peng - so near yet so far. hmm

ann nie aka anai. =p

sweet lay ann

jo and i. (p.s: pity meow cause she couldnt take photo with jo and i. hehe.)

group photo. =)

❥ This memory will last forever and always. Thanks alot buddies!
CONVENT rawks~~