Back To Where I Belong

It was my last outing with my cousins before i went back to continue my new semester of the year. I know this post was rather late. But i just wanna share some experiences and feelings with my readers. 
Before i elaborate more about my outing, let me reveal some photos i had taken during the outing.

Does anyone actually know where is the place? Even i didnt know till my cousins told and showed me around the place. Part of it belongs to my uncle. So we get to go there if my cousins are around. It is situated near my house - to be exact in my neighbourhood area. 

The last time i went there was a year ago. And a year later, the whole place changed. Now with waterfalls around the chalets, bbq putt, fish pond and swimming pool, it just make my day more meaningful. This isn't an ordinary swimming pool. The water actually flows from the hill and flow direct into this pool. The water is way too cold. *shiver*

I can't swim. (Don't laugh at me please!) All i can do is to go for the shallow waterfall and play with water and fishes. teehee. =p There is a so-called jacuzzi (comes from the natural source) in the waterfall. Great feelings when i dipped myself in the so-called jacuzzi. Wow, i enjoyed it to the maximum! (Aww. I have free fish spa from the waterfall! *wide grin*  XD)

The whole place gives me the feeling of being in the forest since i never been camping before. =) 

My mummy didnt join us. Instead she helped us by carrying the towel and watched us from our back. Thanks mummy! I had this cousin carrying my camera and snapped lotsa photos of us. She had nothing else better to do eventually. LOL! We asked her to join us in the waterfall but she forgot to bring her clothes. I told her i could drive back to my house and bring my clothes for her. She rejected me. hmm.

She is the eldest among my cousins and she treats each of us like her sisters. She looked after me when i was born and takes good care of me till i grew up to be an independent girl. Right now she still never fail to do so. She always kiss and hug me whenever she sees me. I just owe her soooo much! Thanks a lot cuzzy! You are the BEST of the BEST!!!! I ❤ you! =) P/s: Do not tickle me please! hehe. 

Somehow i just wished i never grow up. This is because i get so much ❤ and care from all my dearest cousins. Just feel that i'm blessed with loves around me. Eventually all of us grow up and separate from each other. When will I have the chance of meeting them up again? Perhaps this coming Chinese New Year. I am just looking forward to the day where all of us gather again!!! ❤❤❤

I think i'm way to emo now. hehe. Sorry! Sorry! Give me sometime to express my feelings too. Woot! Back to my outing. Let me share some of the photos we had taken.


P/s: Couldn't think of ways now at all. Need someone to help me!~ Too pathetic. Sigh



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