Since i only received a few comments from the previous post, i guess it's time for me to update the new post to bring in more readers to read and comment my blog as well as my Moral survey. I need some support from readers badly. I need around 50 people to complete my survey. It just takes you like 5minutes to pen down your  one sentence of comment only. PLEASE!!! I need readers' cooperation. HELP ME! And thanks a lot to those who had already given their comments. Deeply appreciate that! =)

Finally i had come up with this post after 4weeks. Terribly sorry! Too busy with these and that. No time. What to do? I'm too lazy busy. =)

My first weekend of the new semester was awe-inspiring. I went for my first exploration in Batu Caves with Shu Yin, Joshua and Wan Jie. It was fun especially we managed to complete climbing the 200++ of steps. =) 

Below are the photos of the day ❤❤

The steps of the staircase were very steep. I almost fell down when i went down. =( But still i succeeded in completing the mission. Hooray! ❤ The photos below are the last few shots before we went back to have breakfast and go for window shopping. XD

~ Remember, the greatest gift is not found in a store nor under a tree, but in the hearts of true friends. ~



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