I'm back after one week of disappearing from my blog~
Eventually this week especially monday was the most hectic and nervous day i ever had in this semester.
First i had moral sketch in the morning. I think i was too nervous to memorise the script. =( 
Sorry guys~

Eventually i think i spoke too loud. I had no idea whether it was a good sign of speaking that loud in the lecture hall~ =(

Before the actual day, eventually we have a secret place to practice our sketch.~ teehee

The day after the sketch,

Three of us were busy with our assignments (as if)

We bought the real carrot and tomato for our sketch.

Posing with the tomato while Jing Yin with her carrot. =p

With her funny expression. =)

my dar ❤

me, myself and i

my dear ❤

In the evening, i had my Chemical Process Control and Instrumentation which i was quite frustrated with it. 
Right today which are my Environmental Science and Engineering and Engineering Economics' assignments deadline.

Who said that Engineering students do not need to study Economics? We study all kinds of weird subjects eventually. =p


P/s: It rained heavily today and i must really thank my parents for the car. Or else i will be drenched. I know i'm a spoilt brat. =X ❤ mummy and daddy! 
I had a slight fever today. And i felt better after i took a nap in the afternoon before off to uni for classes. =)


Only One Day


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