Short Excursion with Dearies ✰

Looking at my bangs meaning that this outing is quite long ago. Sorry for the late update. The photos were too big and they took quite a long time to be uploaded. In additional, i hadnt have the time to spend my long busy hours to blog about it while waiting for the photos to be uploaded in blogspot.

Time flies eventually! The next week will be the 9th week of my this semester. I wouldnt want to see my finals come so soon.! I still want to do my work in my own pace. =þ

Nah! Back to my excursion trip with my dearies. That was the time where we spent our time together =) (As if we dont see each other in university like that. LOL.)

I wouldnt want to elaborate more cause it's just a waste of time. I think by judging the photos, you guys would know what did i do during the short outing. =)

Busy studying menu. 

Jing Yin with her cup of green tea. =)

I ❤ my bangs!

Below were the food we had ordered. 

With Jie Hoai =)

❥ I wanna eat! *stomach growling*

I know I looked fat in this picture. I managed to reduce in size bit by bit eventually. =)

JY and JH

JY and JY (Jing Yin and Janice Yeap)

Can you see tiny Jing Yin squatting there? hee

Jie Hoai and i.

Oops. By browsing the photos above, these photos were taken before Chinese New Year celebration. More than a month already. Hmm. You can actually see that I'm busy not lazy. =Þ

❤Just to spend some time to blog to keep my bloggie alive!❤
❤Did you guys notice that i enlarged my photos? Easier for the readers to view them.❤


™U R Man - SS501


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