I'm emotional now. So i gonna write an emo post. 
Sorry guys!

I don't mind if those words come from other people's mouth.
But eventually it came out from yours! 
Of all people, why would you say that to me? 
We should be loving treasuring each other instead you said something that hurt me.  

Maybe you might think that this is just a small matter. 
But to me, it's not.

Who am i now in your heart?
It's pretty obvious now. 

Sorry to say that it's really heartache-ing when you did that to me.
Ok! Alright. From now onwards i will keep my mouth shut.
Not going to involve in your problems or life anymore.
Do not mention about this anymore! Not wanting to argue with you.
Just to share how i'm feeling right now.

*Im switching off all my handphones*
*Do not call or sms me!*

Me & The Mirror
-Jordin Sparks-