Trying to blog for awhile before i continue studying for my next midterm.
Next week will be the 10th week of the semester. Real catastrophe is coming! =(

Here's the list of work i need to hand up and subjects i have to study before hand! 

Week 9
Moral midterm 
Environmental Test 2

Week 10
Moral presentation ✘
Chemical Process and Instrumentation midterm ✘
Environmental Science and Engineering assignment ✘
Engineering Economics assignment ✘

Week 11
Lab report ✘
Engineering Economics midterm ✘
Environmental Lab report ✘
Engineering Analysis assignment ✘ 
Chemical Process and Instrumentation assignment ✘

Week 12
Chemical Reaction Engineering midterm ✘
Engineering Analysis Test 2 ✘
Environmental Science and Engineering Test 3? ✘ *mad*

Week 13 & Week 14
Engineering Economics presentation ✘
Environmental Science and Engineering presentation ✘

I'm worn out when i came to think about the list of work above. Sigh! =.='
But i need to put that aside and focus on others first which is my midterm on this Monday.
On the other hand,  my parents are coming down to KL tomorrow.
Should i say i'm excited to see them? Or should i think of my midterm? 
Dilemma. =(

Obviously I should be happy to see them cause i hadn't see them for 3 weeks. (I know it's not long)
More things to share with daddy and mummy.
And i'm going to stay overnight with them in hotel! Hooray!
And you know what?
Sis is joining us too. XD

But mummy has one condition for both of us.
Sis and i need to sit down quietly in the hotel room to study for our exams. =(
Sacrifice a bit for exams. What to do? 
Things don't go smoothly as i want. 

Never mind! Just go with the flow!
That's all! 
Need to study now. And prepare to sleep early cause i need to attend lecture on SATURDAY morning! =(


-because you live-


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